This will help you layer it with other products if you want (like, for example, a fibre paste for added texture) and reapply it every morning without causing too much buildup or residue. Here, a few new and notable buys we like; each one with that delightfully light, gel-like texture that won't leave your fingers feeling sticky.

How to Slick Your Hair Back

How to Slick Your Hair Back

Jack Black hair, face, and beard oil $26 Amazon Buy Now. Give your finished look a light layer of hair spray to restrict any movement (if that’s what you want; it doesn’t make as much sense if you only use a cream or oil).

Point the spray eight inches from your head, to ensure that the style holds all day. Here are a few suggestions for different hair types—since no two men will have the same results, based on density, thickness, and texture. To slick back curly or wavy hair: Opt for a lightweight product, like paste, which will give you the right amount of control without compromising your texture. You probably won’t get the same effects as the straight-haired guys, but you can give yourself a nice modified version of the style.

Again, pastes are typically a safe bet, since they are lightweight on application but that still provide enough hold.

30+ Slicked Back Hairstyles: A Classy Style Made Simple + Guide

30+ Slicked Back Hairstyles: A Classy Style Made Simple + Guide

These temporary styles die out after a fashion fad is over and don’t have the impact to survive the test of time. Today, slicked back hair is loved by both classy guys who like its retro vibe and contemporary men who want a refined hairstyle.

The good news is that slicked back hair will work pretty well for all face shapes. Whether you have a round, square, diamond, or even oblong shaped face, you can use slicked back hair to get a suave look.

How to Slick Back Hair without Looking Greasy

How to Slick Back Hair without Looking Greasy

Slicked-back hair is back in style, and it’s no surprise. Choose the Right Styling Products for Your Hair.

Available are two types of hair products for creating this look: hair putty and styling gel. For men with fine hair, a gel styling product is appropriate.

Check out our mega-popular hair putty to get a firm, flexible hold, while adding that touch of shine to make you look like a classic badass. Steps for a Slicked-Back Hairstyle (without That Greasy Look). Comb Back Hair —The most important step is to comb your hair straight back, allowing the natural part to do its thing.

To avoid the greasy look, use a fine-toothed comb . Work the Style —Once you have product in your hair, you can play with the style a bit more.

Step Out Today in a Slicked-Back Style.

47 Slicked Back Hairstyles (2021 Styles)

47 Slicked Back Hairstyles (2021 Styles)

To get the stylish slick back hairstyle, you must combine an undercut or fade haircut on the sides (high, mid, low, or skin fade) with short, medium or long hair on top. There is also the more classic, long slicked back hair that does not require a fade on the sides. Our examples range from the high and low fade slick back to short and long hair combed back, so you’ll see all the best slick haircuts to try.

Slicked Back Hair. Although the cut and style has changed over time, the slick back haircut still requires a fade or undercut on the sides with short or long hair on top.

Even with a slick back taper fade, men have the option of asking for a variety of different types of fades. Slick Back Fade.

The slick back fade is a modern version of the classic taper. The slick back taper fade blends the longer hair on top into the sides. The tapering continues gradually down the sides depending on how high or low you want to start and how short you want the hair faded. Fortunately, slick back hair looks good with low, medium, high, and bald fade haircuts.

For a timeless, clean-cut men’s hairstyle you can wear anywhere, try slicking back your hair with a low fade. As a very short haircut on the sides, the high fade is slick and hot.

Simply ask your barber for a high taper fade or high skin fade on the sides and leave at least 3 inches of hair on top. Afterwards, you have the option of styling a textured brush back with volume and height or slicking back your hair with a strong pomade.

Short slicked back hair remains one of the top men’s hairstyles to get right now. Although styling long hair can require more effort, time and product, short sides and long top haircuts allow more movement and volume.

The curly hair slick back is actually one of the coolest styles because it incorporates your hair’s natural texture into your hairstyle’s unique look. Comb Over Slick Back. Also known as the side part slick back, this combination of two awesome hairstyles means you still get your hair on the sides and back cut short with some length on top.

How To Slick Back Hair. Traditionally, the comb back hairstyle involves applying a small amount of pomade, wax, clay or cream to your hair and then either running your hands or a comb from front to back to achieve that sleek look.

While most guys prefer to use a pomade for slick back hairstyles, the growing trend has been natural, textured hair that requires a wax or clay. Here are the best styling products to slick back hair. Short Slicked Back Undercut. Short Slick Back Hair + High Skin Fade.

Thick, Textured Long Slick Back Hair + Beard. Traditional Combed Back Hair + Shaved Sides.

Sleek Combed Back Undercut.

Best hair products for men 2021: American Crew to Ruffians

Best hair products for men 2021: American Crew to Ruffians

Chances are you just haven’t found the right men’s hair product yet, especially if you don’t know a salt spray from a hairspray and are yet to treat your follicles to the wonders of a dry shampoo. Whether you want to tame a shaggy mane or just perfect your quiff, our pick of the best hair products for men will explain what works for you and what to buy.

Apply it to your hair when it’s wet for a longer hold, plenty of shine and significantly more styling potential, especially if you have a comb and hairdryer to hand. This hair product takes a bit of know-how to apply correctly and have you looking as resplendent as Don Draper or the King Of Rock’N’Roll.

Best suited for anyone with a good amount of curly hair – around shoulder length or slightly shorter – this product will have you looking like a Venice Beach lifeguard in minutes. Most of us don’t have the sheer gumption to pull this one off, but those who do can rely on a foam or mousse to deliver both volume and control where other alternatives fall flat. Once you've locked down your hair product of choice, hairspray can act as a final defence to protect your careful styling from wind, rain or humidity.

Cheap out and you run the risk of flakiness and hair so hard you can crack a single follicle in two; get it right and you'll never have to rush to the loos to tweak a stray again.

Best Men's Slicked Back Hairstyles [2021 Edition]

Best Men's Slicked Back Hairstyles [2021 Edition]

Slick back hair is often associated with those who work in the corporate world. You’ll discover whether your hair is up to the job, what products to use, and inspiring examples of the style to digest.

Straight hair follows a simple pattern, which is crucial for the overall shape of the cut. Anything thicker, and you’ll find it’s difficult to both slick the hair back and maintain its shape. If you’ve found that your hair doesn’t stay in place, or requires handfuls of product, then ask the barber to use thinning shears.

That’s not to say the show can’t go on – you will just need to adapt the style to one that suits curly hair. These styles are messy off duty looks; think curly variations of David Beckham’s hairstyle or a textured quiff. Slick Back Hair Products. On the other hand, too much pomade – particularly high-shine, oil-based products – can lead you into Wall Street bank shark territory. Oil-based pomades don’t wash out easily, either. So if you want to incorporate a schmick 1950’s corporate look, pomade is the tool for the job.

Clays come in a variety of options: heavy-duty concrete stuff for thick and unruly hair, or featherweight creams for something similar-but-not-quite pomade. Clays are the natural option for the guy who doesn’t spend too much time in the corporate rat race, and doesn’t feel at home with shiny hair. It sounds like a lot, but most have complimentary beers these days.

Don’t forget to wash your hair regularly. Products that don’t easily wash out, furthermore, can stay in your hair overnight and make it more difficult for you to style the next day. For a classic interpretation, maintain length on the sides of the head. This is a distinct 9-5 look, so opt for a textured, messier variant on the weekends.

Where the classic style has shorter sides and a curved side part, this bad boy maintains even length through the entire cut and is swept back in a single direction. The best way to achieve this style is to spend some time growing out the fringe and crown while maintaining shorter sides.

RELATED: David Beckham’s Best Haircuts. You will need to achieve a few inches of growth on the top while tapering the back short enough so you can slick back the front. Growing this style is essentially the same as the Beckham, but adapted for curly hair. Keep the sides short, with a 2 or 3 fade. To style, make friends with clay. Curly hair doesn’t respond to pomade, generally, so a strong-hold clay will bring enough firepower to keep the look in place throughout the day.

Maintain blended sides and a medium fade, until you can slick the top over to the back of your head. You can slick it back with pomade, or use clays for a more natural approach.

Slicked Back Hair: 22 Fresh Hairstyles For October 2021

Slicked Back Hair: 22 Fresh Hairstyles For October 2021

Slicked back hair is one of those classic men’s looks that keeps getting reinvented and never goes out of style. Slick hair can be shiny, matte, up high, down low, messy, clean, short, medium, long, and curly, to name a few.

Slicked back hair does not have the volume of a pompadour, the bump of a quiff, or the direction of a side part or comb over. Slicked Back Hair. Classic Slicked Back Hair Men. The first hairstyle for men’s long hair that comes to mind is probably the man bun but slicking hair back is a cool way to pull hair back while leaving locks loose.

Try a medium hold texturizing product and work it through hair with fingers to get this structured flow. How To Slick Back Hair.

Slicked Back Curly Hair. Styling short slicked back hair is the same as with longer locks. Add product and push it back. Medium Slicked Back Hair. Classic slick styles are medium length but these modern looks add some volume and texture, movement and flow. Slicked Back Hair Fade.

A fade haircut with slick style is classic, modern, and always cool. This look has all three plus a high fade, making it a cool cut for thick hair with some wave.

From the front, this style is a work-appropriate slick back. More Slick Hair. With the right product and styling, fine and even thin hair look great slicked back.

31 Best Medium-Length Haircuts For Men And How To Style Them

31 Best Medium-Length Haircuts For Men And How To Style Them

For men, medium length hairstyles can flaunt a healthy head of hair. If you need a little help styling your hair, these are the most popular hair care products for men right now:.

A clean natural fringe with a bit of texture. The shoulder-length style works well with thicker hair to keep the structure of the haircut.

Natural side-part style. Natural side-part layered cut. Semi-natural slicked-back style.

For men with thick hair, this level medium hairstyle looks great. Medium length works well with curly hair too when kept natural. Mid-length blow-out top with sides undercut.

If you’re pressed for time in the mornings and prefer to minimise your mirror minutes, there are plenty of low-maintenance styles for medium length hair that’ll see you looking polished from the get-go. If you prefer a longer top, the crew cut could be a good choice. Much like the buzzcut but with a slightly longer top, this trendy style requires little effort in the mornings. Otherwise, try a casual quiff or let loose with a fringe to make the most of a good, medium-length cut and minimise styling time.

The fade is cut slightly higher on the sides, resulting in a clean, polished look. Essentially a long buzzcut and possibly the most low-maintenance of medium haircuts, the Ivy League can stand to grow out a little longer than other cuts, before a barber visit becomes necessary. Structured cuts are definitely a good choice if you prefer no-fuss.

While buzzcuts, crew cuts and fades mean more visits to the barber, the upside is they tend to need less daily styling. The natural texture and thickness of your hair will play a big part in deciding which style is best for you.

Slicked-back styles and side parts usually work here. Side partings are great for faces on the rounder side, as are styles that elongate your face. If you’re naturally wavy and still retain a veritable head of hair, a short wave-cut could be perfect while quiffs and pompadours are a classic choice for the mature gentleman. Experiment with styles based on your hair texture and face shape.

Texture: When your barber asks if you want choppy, layered or thinned hair, make sure you know what he (or she) means by these terms. A ‘choppy’ cut is when the barber cuts your hair unevenly, at different lengths and a 45-degree angle.

‘Layered’ is when your hair is cut shorter near the top of your head, again resulting in a more voluminous appearance. Regular trims are required to maintain the shape, however.

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