Slicked back hair is exactly that. While slicked back hair dates back to well over 100 years, the style gained immense popularity in the fifties with styles like the pompadour.

What do I need for slicked back hair? The good news is that slicked back hair will work pretty well for all face shapes.

47 Slicked Back Hairstyles (2021 Styles)

47 Slicked Back Hairstyles (2021 Styles)

To get the stylish slick back hairstyle, you must combine an undercut or fade haircut on the sides (high, mid, low, or skin fade) with short, medium or long hair on top. There is also the more classic, long slicked back hair that does not require a fade on the sides. Our examples range from the high and low fade slick back to short and long hair combed back, so you’ll see all the best slick haircuts to try.

Slicked Back Hair. Although the cut and style has changed over time, the slick back haircut still requires a fade or undercut on the sides with short or long hair on top. Even with a slick back taper fade, men have the option of asking for a variety of different types of fades. Slick Back Fade.

The slick back fade is a modern version of the classic taper. The slick back taper fade blends the longer hair on top into the sides. The tapering continues gradually down the sides depending on how high or low you want to start and how short you want the hair faded.

Fortunately, slick back hair looks good with low, medium, high, and bald fade haircuts. For a timeless, clean-cut men’s hairstyle you can wear anywhere, try slicking back your hair with a low fade.

As a very short haircut on the sides, the high fade is slick and hot. Simply ask your barber for a high taper fade or high skin fade on the sides and leave at least 3 inches of hair on top. Afterwards, you have the option of styling a textured brush back with volume and height or slicking back your hair with a strong pomade.

Short slicked back hair remains one of the top men’s hairstyles to get right now. Although styling long hair can require more effort, time and product, short sides and long top haircuts allow more movement and volume.

The curly hair slick back is actually one of the coolest styles because it incorporates your hair’s natural texture into your hairstyle’s unique look. Comb Over Slick Back. Also known as the side part slick back, this combination of two awesome hairstyles means you still get your hair on the sides and back cut short with some length on top.

How To Slick Back Hair. Traditionally, the comb back hairstyle involves applying a small amount of pomade, wax, clay or cream to your hair and then either running your hands or a comb from front to back to achieve that sleek look.

While most guys prefer to use a pomade for slick back hairstyles, the growing trend has been natural, textured hair that requires a wax or clay. Here are the best styling products to slick back hair.

Short Slicked Back Undercut. Short Slick Back Hair + High Skin Fade.

Thick, Textured Long Slick Back Hair + Beard. Traditional Combed Back Hair + Shaved Sides.

Sleek Combed Back Undercut.

60 Effortless Slicked Back Undercut

60 Effortless Slicked Back Undercut

70 Effortless Slicked Back Undercut Styles – Easy to Create. A slicked back undercut is a modern haircut that combines short tapered or faded sides with some brushed back strands on the crown. # 1 Comb Over + Undercut.

# 3 Sleek Comb Over + Beard. Keep your undercut connected with your long beard and style a short trim with a long sleek comb-over.

Disconnected undercuts create a great contrast between the shortly trimmed sides and back and that long, dense, sleek top. # 5 Taper Fade +Sleek Comb Over.

A taper fade on the sides will draw all the attention on that sleek back undercut. The blonde shade of the bangs at the top is the highlight of this look. Your layered bangs on the crown may look beautiful especially if your strands have a lovely volume and texture but if you give them a side part and a nice fade on the sides you can be sure of an exquisite appearance.

There is nothing fancy about this haircut because it is a simple slick back with an undercut. If you are not sure what to do with your long, voluminous and dark toned hair then just give them a high taper on the sides and leave some long locks on the crown. An undercut always makes any hairstyle look stunning and in this design it has a beautiful skin fade and a hard part line.

This haircut also has some tapered sides that combine with the brushed top to create a lovely design. However, you also need to style the long strands with a simple brush back.

# 21 Undercut Blonde Bangs. You can never go wrong with blonde locks and in this design they have a beautiful faded undercut and some textured bangs on the crown that you should style by sweeping back in messy layers.

# 22 Fancy Brush Back Undercut. It has a scruffy look that comes from pushing back the long textured bangs on the crown and layering them slightly. However, these loose bangs also have an inventive brush back styling and a beautiful fade on the sides that makes them look appealing. You should then brush back the long bangs on the crown and then trim them to form a V-shape and also have a skin fade below them.

In this design, it has a skin fade that also supplements the brushed back blonde locks on the crown to create a fantastic hairdo. Rather than have the traditional high and tight look you can make yours unique by brushing back the strands and spicing them up with a lovely skin fade on the sides.

In this particular style, it has a simple brush back design and a smooth taper on the sides that create a very stylish look. # 30 Zero Fade on a Wavy and Messy Slicked Back Design. This design does not just have brushed back hair, but it also looks very stylish.

The sides also have an elegant taper that makes the hairdo look very fashionable. This one has some long textured strands on the crown that you should style with a brush back and finish with a bald fade on the sides and back.

This particular one entails leaving some lovely blonde locks on the crown and then tapering the sides to create a disconnected look. However, if you spice up yours with a blonde shade on the crown and a smooth tapering on the sides, then you can be sure that you will look unique.

V-shape cuts are very adorable, but this one takes things a little further with a simple brush back to create a layered look and by giving the sides a smooth and bald shave. It entails leaving some wavy locks on the crown and tapering the sides.

The fancy styling pattern of the top locks on this haircut makes them look very adorable. You can never go wrong with a slicked back undercut headdress as it is not only easy to create but it also looks good on almost all men.

Hairstyles For Men

Hairstyles For Men

Many of the cool, trendy hairstyles for men earlier years will likely carry over to the new year, meaning that the most popular hairstyles for men will likely continue to be fades, undercuts, pompadours, and even man buns or top knots, if you can pull it off. More specifically, expect a lot of “short sides, long top” hairstyles which combine a low or high fade with texturized hair on top. Perfect example would be the disconnected undercut, modern pompadour or slick back fade, all of which are included below.

High Fade with Hard Part and Quiff. Long Messy Hair with Low Fade.

Short Sides with Medium Length Hair on Top. Low Fade with Thick Long Hair Quiff. Mid Fade with Side Part and Long Fringe.

Low Skin Fade with Long Wavy Hair. Classic Messy Long Hair with Thick Beard.

High Fade with Hard Part and Curly Hair. Slicked Back Undercut with Long Hair. Bald Fade with Long Natural Curls on Top.

High Fade with Braids and Long Spiked Hair.

Slicked Back Hair: 22 Fresh Hairstyles For October 2021

Slicked Back Hair: 22 Fresh Hairstyles For October 2021

Slick hair can be shiny, matte, up high, down low, messy, clean, short, medium, long, and curly, to name a few. Slicked back hair does not have the volume of a pompadour, the bump of a quiff, or the direction of a side part or comb over. Check out these 22 retro and new ways to rock slicked back hair for men. This timeless slicked back style with a fade looks great for every type and helps fine, blonder hair appear thicker and fuller.

Commit to the vintage look with greaser style pulled straight back with a fine tooth comb for those lines. Try a medium hold texturizing product and work it through hair with fingers to get this structured flow.

Who better to show you how to slick back hair than Suavecito, a water-based pomade brand designed to recreate greaser styles without the grease. Work product into damp or dry hair and push it back with fingers or a comb. Some guys straighten curly hair before slicking it back but there’s no need to get rid of that texture.

Classic slick styles are medium length but these modern looks add some volume and texture, movement and flow. For guys who have the Covid grow-out, this is a cool cut and style to hang onto some length and tidy it up. For the OG style, comb hair straight back and use a pomade with some shine.

Lots of guys like to use the original oil-based products or try a modern water-based pomade that easily washes out. The latest hairstyles for men have a few things in common: a natural finish, volume, and texture. This look has all three plus a high fade, making it a cool cut for thick hair with some wave.

Ultra thick hair can be styled into a controlled lion’s mane or keep it loose and flowing. Keep the mullet in this century by trading in the spiky flat top at the front for slicked back hair. With the right product and styling, fine and even thin hair look great slicked back.

Trade in the greasy Gordan Gekko and staid Don Draper for this fresh and touchable look.

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