In order to add some punch to your new pixie cut, we recommend adding in a lovely or fun color. A cool short cut plus a stunning hair color is a winning combo and a nice way to change your appearance drastically, if it’s something you are in the mood for!

By combining multiple violet hues, you can transform a standard layered pixie cut into something very interesting and chic. Bleach blonde hair is a favorite among rock stars due to its ability to be sexy and sweet at the same time. Take a cue from a style icon like Gwen Stefani and pair your hue with a signature red lip.

As we all know, bleaching hair can affect the health of your tresses; however, with a short do – you’re free to explore color! New variations of trendy pixie hair colors include ash blonde balayage solutions which can be multi-tonal or two tone, like in this example. A brunette pixie for thick hair can stand out with its texture, while the color may remain natural. Colorful, bleached or natural, pixies look great on African American women.

Sleek and elegant, this platinum blonde pixie bob creates a layer of intrigue that surrounds whoever is rocking the style. The black underlayer peeking through the edges makes a dramatic contrast to the main color and pairs beautifully with dark eyebrows and eyelashes.

For the coffee queens out there, why not profess your undying love for the beverage by coloring your hair multiple shades of brown. The base color may be a beautiful deep mocha, while the highlights a nice swirly milk chocolate.

In the cut, in the color, and in the texture, it’s a beautiful version to illustrate the pastel hair trend. This subtle but striking pixie cut with teal highlights is one of those color ideas that comes along every so often.

Dark roots and subtle highlights add class and sophistication to the style that could be otherwise classified as funky and even gaudy. The cool fuschia pixie-bob is an edgy alternative to the popular today short haircuts in candy-coated and pink pastel colors.

Blunt bangs and chin-length choppy layers provide a great texture and cute silhouette of the cut. The ash brown base color with thin dark blonde highlights creates a shimmering effect throughout your style that is an elegant touch to such a sassy cut.

With clipped sides and a design towards the nape, it is best to reserve any color for the central section to keep the look from seeming too gimmicky and cluttered. Sweet waves and shaggy layers are always an appealing combination, but if you want a look that is different from everyone else’s, simply inject a pop of color.

This brunette pixie cut with a side part really complements long face shapes. By mixing platinum roots with golden copper ends you create a white and orange effect similar to everyone’s favorite ice cream—the creamsicle!

Sweet medium curls are the perfect pairing with an edgy brunette pixie cut that boasts closely cropped sides and colorful highlights. If you want to wear a fringe with your pixie, but are worried about a look that is reminiscent of a bowl cut, it is important to add layers to the top section and get the sides clipped short.

A rich mahogany pixie with long layers is a classic look that can work for any occasion and in any setting. Soft waves are usually romantic, but when combined with a shaved design and violet highlights, they become tough and exciting. African American women with relaxed or straightened hair should receive regular trims, as using chemicals can lead to split ends and breakage. This hairdo is perfect for women who don’t wear a lot of makeup, as the color will brighten your complexion and add vibrancy.

Pixie is a universally flattering style that can be worn in a variety of different ways – curly, wavy, straight, messy, sleek, asymmetrical and with a color pop. While the hairdo usually has the reputation of being buttoned-up, these looks show that with a healthy dose of color the classic haircut can be transformed.

20 Red Pixie Cuts

20 Red Pixie Cuts

Red hair color describes your pixie haircut in a more nice way. Light Red Pixie Hair.

Cute Pixie Cut Red Hair. Longer Pixie Cut Light Red Hair.

Casual Short Red Pixie Cut Hair. Emo Asymmetrical Red Pixie Cut Hair.

Copper Red Wavy Pixie Hair. Trendy Copper Red Pixie Straight Hair.

Cute Cool Red Pixie Hair.

24 Stunning Short Red Hair Color Ideas Trending in 2021

24 Stunning Short Red Hair Color Ideas Trending in 2021

“If you are looking for a popping short red hairstyle, give Davines’ burgundy red hair dye a try,” says Mikesell. She goes on to explain that maintenance is everything.

Dark Brown Hair with Red Highlights Stylist Stephanie Pachla of Shelby Township, MI created this deep red graduated bob haircut with a slightly asymmetrical front. This short auburn hair features a red tousled pixie style, perfect for women who love easy-to-manipulate hair trends.

This short copper hair brings out the skin tone very well. Short Red Brown Hair with Highlights Mature women tend to frequent this red brown hair style because it’s both relaxed and voluminous at the same time.

“These bright, warm copper tones look best on pale to medium skin tones,” she states. Hassinger warns that home maintenance copper treatment shampoo & conditioners are a must.

Washing your bright red hair as little as possible is ideal to prevent color fading.” Use dry shampoo. “Curled or straight, short hairstyles like this look great either way. In fact, if you wear it as straight red hair, it can be styled into a cute asymmetrical bob,” explains Tuga.

“Short red wavy bob hairstyles and haircuts like this are for women who don’t mind the upkeep and love this red color because red fades fast,” says Vernetti. “This bob with red highlights is excellent for women who don’t want to spend a lot of time styling their hair, and it’s one of those short red hairstyles that when it’s messier, it’s better,” she adds.

Short Cinnamon Red Hair Color on Layered Bob Don’t you love the vibrant red? Every color is custom to meet each person’s individual needs.” “Adding dimension to your hair with highlights creates a warm tone,” explains Kayla, “this will make your red color a little more interesting to stare at! If your hair isn’t naturally wavy or curly, don’t be afraid to add some to it with a hot styling tool, turning it into gorgeous short curly hair,” she adds. Brick Red Hairstyle For Straight Hair This brick red hairstyle with a micro fringe is a fiery statement bob. Ask your stylist for recommended salon products for at-home care. “Don’t you love the vibrancy and depth that comes with adding a red hue to pre-existing black hair?

To get your short dark red hair color to pop, opt for shortened layers to add movement and texture,” she adds.

Short Pixie Cut Wig With Red Highlights

Short Pixie Cut Wig With Red Highlights

Adjustable straps Care: This wig can be washed in lukewarm water and must be drip dried. Adjustable straps Care: This wig can be washed in lukewarm water and must be drip dried.

61 Pixie Cut Hairstyles for 2021: Best Short Pixie Haircuts

61 Pixie Cut Hairstyles for 2021: Best Short Pixie Haircuts

Luckily, celebrities have embraced shorter lengths with open arms, whether it’s for a role in a movie, in honor of a new season, or just because they felt like it—meaning you have plenty of icons to steal inspiration from.

Short Red Hair Styles

Short Red Hair Styles

A correctly chosen shade of red is equally good on both women of warm and cold color types. Red hair suits every cut of short hairstyle in the business.

From sweeping and wavy long bobs to sharp pixie cuts and layered crops you can find the perfect variation of red to blend with your short tresses. Expert corrective colorist Carli Ebbert from the Juju Hair Lounge shows how pixies and bobs become Insta-worthy when spiced up with red hues. Blunt african american straight bangs pixie bob thin natural textured undercut cropped wavy hair styles 2021 and haircuts.

Cute Dark Red Curly Layered Hair with Side Bangs.

20 Balayage Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

20 Balayage Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

To add even more depth and dimension to her locks, she tosses in just a few light brown highlights to her deep, rich brunette tresses for an all-natural finish that sweeps with every curl. Showcase a bit of your edgy side by indulging in a gorgeous ‘chick fade’, with some loose layers up top.

To add some spice and personality to your boy cut, highlight the tips with some striking light blonde and toss it back, away from the face to really bring out your features. She leaves her dark roots peeking out just a tad for that natural appeal, while the ends are covered in a desirable light blonde shade that dazzles in the sunlight.

This look has ‘fall’ written all over it, with a luxurious and luscious blend of deep red mahogany trickling down to some warm blonde highlights. As far as the cut goes, she opts for a graceful bob that has a sharp angle for plenty of sass, curling ever-so-slightly on the ends for a ravishing effect she can wear virtually anywhere. Leaving her hair all one color would be slightly boring and unappealing, and it also wouldn’t highlight the multitude of layers and the precision of this pixie cut.

But by throwing some dark pink-red highlights on top of her black mane, she brings this cut to life in a way that’s perky and fun. A lengthy pixie cut tossed to the side is perfect for elongating the face and showing off high cheek bones. This rockin’ hairstyle features white locks, highlighted perfect by a sea foam green shade- which of course is one of the trendiest colors for this year.

Instead, a few subtle deep blue peek-a-boo highlights hidden underneath her jet black mane ensures we can see all those funky layers bursting with personality. By adding a dash of curls to the ends of her long bob, she creates an elegant look that’s perfectly accompanied by your finest apparel and red pout. The greens and blues found within this ombre pair well with an ash blonde shade at the roots, while plenty of wave action ensures the color play together in a sensuous and beautiful way.

Bring your locks and layers to life while still showing off a natural appearance by simply sliding in some caramely brown highlights to your dark brunette base. Silver is such a mystic and fascinating hue, but to add just a twinge on contrast to your mane, leave some dark gray at the roots. Subtlety is the main goal with this sophisticated hairstyle, a unique and beautiful blend of smoky highlights and lowlights combining to create a very sensual style that’s deeply romantic yet super stylish. Leaving the rest of your mane with plenty of color ensures your locks have tons of amazing depth and vibrancy.

The highlights look as if they were kissed by the sun themselves, and subtly tossing her lobs for that wavy effect gives it a beach feel we can all enjoy.

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