Did you know that heroes of ancient Greece used harsh soaps and bleaches to lighten and redden their hair to the colour that was identified with honour and courage? In fact, even first-century Romans preferred dark hair, which was made so by a dye concocted from boiled walnuts and leeks.

The worst hit are probably models and actresses, who being under bright lights are prone to dandruff and probably have to get their hair styled every second day. Heat styling products like curling and straightening irons can dry out even oily hair if they’re used too much. If you decide you want a chemical treatment to colour, straighten, or curl your hair, it’s best to trust the job to professionals. Using blow-dryers, curling or straightening irons, or colour on chemically relaxed hair can also increase the risk of damage. Some people get a condition called contact dermatitis (an allergic reaction with a rash) from henna and other “natural” products, so be sure to test a small area first. When hair is straightened or curled, tremendous heat is applied in order to change its natural shape.

Regular streaking and dyeing can cause cumulative damage, although it may take years before there are obvious signs of hair breakage. Permanent chemical dyes may damage the hair by breaking through the cuticle shield to invade the cortex.

Keratin Hair Treatment for Indian Hair: All You Need to Know – The

Hair salons have moved on from promoting rebonding to keratin as the go-to treatment. Over time, due to the impact of hair styling, chemical products and age, the amount of keratin decreases.

As a result, our hair become dry, coarse and lose out on the natural shine and gloss. The treatment adds a layer of protein (keratin) to your hair, thus strengthening them and making them manageable.

Brazilian blowout: It straightens out your hair texture and lasts up to 3 months. So, if you don’t want to say bye to your curls just yet, opt for smoothing treatments. However, if you want a straighter look (something that resembles the effect of flat iron on hair) Brazilian blowout is your thing. While this chemical makes hair frizz free, large doses are harmful. Smoothing treatments, however, do not use formaldehyde, making them a safer option. Keratin is most suited for people who have very dry, frizzy, curly and unruly hair.

The longevity of keratin treatments depends on your hair texture and how religiously you follow the after-care routines. Hair are split in different sections and keratin (in the form of serum) is applied to every strand.

To activate the keratin, hair are made to undergo a heat treatment via a steam machine. If you have very curly hair, then instead of steam, a blow dry might be done for quicker and lasting absorption of keratin.

Keratin treatment requires a couple of sittings, with each being 2-3 hour long, depending on the type and length of hair. Nowadays, you have hair creams, masques, shampoos and sprays with keratin as their main component. Some of the brands you can try are Schwarzkopf, Marc Anthony, Tresemme, Amazon Keratin and more. Don’t tie (like a ponytail) or wash hair for 2 days after getting the treatment. Keratin aims to smoothen hair, relax them and make them manageable. Your hair will still have soft curls and won’t be poker straight.

It’s best to give your hair some time to breathe once the complete cycle of your keratin treatment is over. This is because, the treatment does involve chemicals, and frequent application can cause more harm than good – making hair more brittle and prone to breakage. Also, keratin hair treatments, more specifically Brazilian Blowout, are not recommended for pregnant women given the chemicals (formaldehyde) used.

Types Of Permanent Hair Straightening and Side Effects

Types Of Permanent Hair Straightening and Side Effects

The way permanent hair straightening works is by first altering the chemical structure of your hair and then by mechanically locking the new structure of your hair thereby resulting in straight hair that will last for several washes or till new hair grows. Permanent Hair Straightening: Keratin Treatment. Permanent Hair Straightening: Japanese Treatment.

Permanent Hair Straightening: Keratin Treatment 2. FAQs on Permanent Hair Straightening Treatments Keratin is a natural protein found in our hair that not only makes ourbut also helps to give it a straight texture.

The chemical is then. However, the chemicals used in this treatment tend to be a lot stronger than the ones used in keratin as this treatment chemically alters your hair to be straight by breaking the natural bonds of your hair and realign to have a straight look.

Do all permanent straightening treatments lead to weak hair? Is there any natural way of straightening your hair without the use of chemicals or heat?

You can use any SLS and paraben-free shampoo to maintain the shine of your hair.All you ladies who want to straighten your thick wavy or curly hair, well, this is the answer to all your problems., as the name suggests, rebonds the, thereby making wavy or curly hair straight. The process may be repeated depending on the thickness and structure of your hair.Post-treatment, you should not use oil, colour oror weaken the hair shaft.

The new tress code

The new tress code

Liquid, powder, oil, cream and gel, customers are spoilt for choice.Talking to us about this fashion, Uma a beautician, from B Dazzling Beauty Salon, Jayanagar said “For permanent colouring, we generally use a gel while hair mascaras, crayons and hair colour sprays are used for temporary and semi-permanent colouring.” Hair straightening is another popular trend to stylise hair. Straightening is also of two types, permanent and temporary hair straightening.” She added that curling is also in fashion. Hair curling, Uma explained, can be done using a mousse, gel, hair spray and by also using a curling iron machine.Not surprisingly, the three trends are a big hit among the student fraternity. I also like straightening my hair because it looks good on me.”Afreen, a II PUC student from Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College, enjoys trying out new things.

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