Airy Volume Low Bun This is elegant updo is created perfectly voluminous without being overdone. The thick pieces in front would be great for softening the face and giving off an elegant vibe. Lovely Side Bun Q&A with style creator, Dusty James Bolyard. Hairstylist / Makeup Artist / Owner @ KOH Salon in Seattle, WA How would you describe this look? It’s best worn with a neckless dress, as it sits low and brushes the shoulder area at times. The side can also be easily taken down and transformed into a fresh look for a bride wanting a different vibe for their reception if executed correctly!

Long Half Updo with Highlights Q&A with style creator, Jenn Macrina. We used a 1-inch iron to create a soft curl and lightly pinned up the half top to make her look more elegant for the event.

We used Shaper Plus hairspray by Sebastian as we set the curl, Kendra Pomade to create the texture in the look and Tease Backcomb in a Bottle by Big Sexy Hair for volume. For the finishing touch, I used TIGI Hardhead hairspray to make sure the look last all day and night! The tools to achieve this look are a professional curling iron and a thermal styling protectant spray. As long as you have a good spray and curling iron, any hair type can work with this style.

My favorite product to achieve this look is Schwarzkopf Session Label Powder Cloud to create texture even to the finest hair. Soft & Swirly Pinned Updo Q&A with style creator, Lianne Claire. Clients wanting this style should have either short or medium hair length and really any kind of texture. To achieve a thicker-looking braid and a bit of a tousled touch, try using a dry texture spray or powder to give the hair some grit.

Soft Updo with Rose Flower Q&A with style creator, Stacey Jade. This style is my personal take on a classic mother of the bride updo, emphasizing elegance with a soft yet detailed approach. As far as prep for this style, my go-to products are Kevin Murphy Doo.Over and Bedroom.Hair to add both texture and volume to the hair.

It was designed to make the mother of the bride look and feel beautiful on a such a special day. My favorite thing is the color and how it complements her complexion and brings out those gorgeous blue eyes! This is a beautiful style that is perfect for all occasions and lifestyles and suited brilliantly to the elegant and sophisticated woman. I would advise the client to ensure they have a good cut with soft highlights about three weeks before the big day.

She will then feel comfortable with the style and it allows for that little bit of growth whilst still keeping the shape and color fresh. On the day of, I’d advise the client to use little conditioner and then have a good blow dry to ensure body and shape around the face. When the fascinator is fitted, it must slot into a section of backcombed hair to keep it in place throughout the day.

My favorite hair dryer to use is the Parlux 3200 combined with a variety of Denman round brushes. Finish this look off with a touch of Aveda’s Brilliant Humectant Pomade to ensure the style remains in all types of weather.

Finally, finish with a light spray of Alterna Caviar Anti Aging Working Hairspray. To finish the style, I used Osis Sparkler which is a shine spray that leaves the hair (especially blondes) looking healthy and chic. Lead Hair and Makeup Stylist / Owner @ Belle Of The Ball By LilyAnna in New York, NY How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it? It’s the perfect look for occasions such as a wedding, reunion, casual dinner party, or even a school formal. Ensure you leave small sections around the face to allow for shape and a softened, natural finish. It is a flexible, simple and quick upstyle for those clients who may be pressed for time prior to an event.

Hairstylist / Makeup Artist @ Blush Artistry in Edmonton, AB How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it? This look is for the woman with hair on the shorter side (above the shoulders) who doesn’t want your typical “mother of the bride” style.

The products I used and recommend are a good heat protectant (Chi and Oasis make great ones) and Puff Me by Design Me to add all day texture and lift to the root area. Hard Head by Bedhead is my ride or die hairspray and it’ll lock your style in all day long. This look is versatile in that it will flatter all face shapes by adding height to the hair and masking imperfections. Redken Certified Colorist / Master Specialist / Hair Cutter @ After FX Spa and Salon in Broken Arrow, OK How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

Best Face Shape and Hair Type: This style is absolutely divine for those mothers who have natural waves and want to show them off. Recommended Products: If you have natural waves and want to give them a little extra boost, I love using Paul Mitchell’s Sculpting Foam combined with Moroccan Oil. Mix these two products together, apply to your hair, and then use a diffuser to dry and accentuate your natural curl. Add some Body Builder Mousse by Kevin Murphy to your roots pre-blowdry to give some extra oomph at your scalp.

Easy and Elegant Updo If you want your hair up and out of your face on your son or daughter’s big day, then consider this look. How To Style: Secure hair back into a high ponytail in the crown section of your head. If needed, spray it with a light hold hairspray and use a soft boar bristle brush to smooth.

Bring to life your favorite princess fantasy with a few hair pins and a floral accessory to create a look that anyone would envy. Traditional Updo Channel your royal elegance with a simple low do that sits on your nape.

32 Stunning Mother of the Bride Hairstyles for 2020

32 Stunning Mother of the Bride Hairstyles for 2020

If you’re used to wearing your hair in just one style and you’re finding the prospect of a photo-worthy hairstyle (that’s guaranteed to last a whole day) a little daunting, then we’ve got some mother of the bride hairstyle inspo to suit all hair types and lengths. Whether you have straight or curly hair we’ve searched for the best looks, including updos, french twists and even messy buns, which will ensure you look and feel your absolute best on your daughter’s special day.

If you’re after a mother of the bride hairstyle that’s a bit different, we’ve also found the best looks that incorporate braids and plaits, along with handy tips for how to accessorise them with on-trend clips and flowers. This messy bun is perfect if you have longer hair and want to have it up for the big day. Add in a pretty clip for extra detail or to match it to your dress.

Pin your hair into a knot at the nape of your neck and wrap it round to create a chic bun. Ask your hair stylist to twist and pile your locks, pinning them on top of your head. Run your fingers through your hair after curling it, using some styling spray to keep the waves in place.

Then start to pin it loosely at the back, allowing some strands of hair to fall down over your neckline. Add in seasonal flowers dotted around the back of the braids and at the side of the hair.

A braid that starts at the side of your hair and wraps round to the back complements any style of dress. It’s also a hairstyle guaranteed to look great in the wedding photos, especially if you add your own pretty clip or slide. Scoop the top sections of the hair back and tie it in a knot.

This style, which uses strands of hair to messily wrap around the main centrepiece, looks great with a pretty side clip. The celestial theme isn’t going anywhere for 2020, and we adore this style from hair accessory genius Tilly Thomas. If you’re after a super elegant look, then this is a great mother of the bride hairstyle for shorter hair. Curl the hair first, then twist it back over your head and from the side, pinning it loosely and leaving some strands free. The above style has braids, curls and some twisting action, pinned together at the back, to create a funky half-up hairstyle. Adding pretty coloured gem clips to short hairstyles, worn down or half-up, create a glamorous look.

To add some volume, blow-dry the ends so they flick out and spritz some hairspray on it to keep it in place. Tightly curl your hair and pin a textured plait, adding in a few of the wedding flowers to give it a springtime look.

Use styling spray to gather your hair into a tight top knot and add decorative clips and statement earrings to finish off your look. This easy updo is perfect if you’re short on time and want a classic style.

Ask your stylist for a low bun with strands of hair wrapped around it, to give it that simple but styled look. This style incorporates a dutch fishtail braid with a low bun and looks stunning with the front parts of the hair left loose.

Use a tong or straighteners to curl your hair, then pin a section of the top at the back. Ask for the front strands of hair to be twisted and then gathered into a low ponytail. If your hair is on the longer side then you can give something like this a try – we love how this style has a bit of height but still looks super modern. Sweep your curls back into a low ponytail and wrap some extra strands around the band to give it a tousled look.

Mother of the Bride Hairstyle Ideas

Mother of the Bride Hairstyle Ideas

From a fabulous dress to flawless wedding hairstyle and makeup, a lot goes into curating the perfect look. Although you may think that finding an age-appropriate, workable style seems impossible, here are 12 mother of the bride hairstyle ideas for the perfect wedding day look. If you have longer hair, slowly transition to a pixie cut if you don’t want to make a quick change.

Just like the name of the hairdo, the front half of the hair is placed in a barrette or secured with bobby pins. You can add a comb to further secure and divide the two sections while adding a bit of interest to this MOB style.

Additionally, the secured portion can be twisted or placed in a small braided bun as an alternate technique. The French twist is a classic hairdo that remains a staple style for mothers of the bride.

Even if your hair is on the shorter side, your stylist can pin sections into a twisted fashion. Whether you have shorter hair or it’s a bit longer, add volume and depth to your usual style.

Adding a clip close to the ear can keep shorter bobbed sections away from your makeup. If you will be in humid conditions, such as the beach or a rainy environment, have your stylist add a protectant to keep locks from frizzing. Pin curls, secure waves, and volume are all en vogue for weddings.

Shoulder length and longer hair work best to mimic the Hollywood glam styles of the 1930s. They may draw inspiration from your gown, wedding ring, or even facial features to create the perfect look.

Conversely, your stylist can add a small braid to the front of the hair to stylishly keep it out of the way for the evening. Take a variety of inspiration images to your hairdresser as they may be able to incorporate a few of your favorite elements into one fabulous style.

Sure those Farrah Fawcett waves were all the rage in the ‘70s (ok, admittedly, those are on their way back in style), but maybe it’s time to bring your hair into this century. Talk to your hairdresser about an updated style that will work for your everyday life; however, don’t forget to chat with them about your wedding day look. It’s a stunningly beautiful look as a MOB to show off heads of silver, white, or salt and pepper hair. Giving the updated shade a test run for a few weeks or months will provide you with confidence, especially if you’re doing something significantly different.

As a result, have them place extensions that match the texture and color of your mother of the bride hairstyle. If you are dancing or will be in windy conditions, such as at the beach, ensure that the extensions are placed securely. While you’re selecting your mother of the bride gown and jewelry, don’t forget about hair accessories.

Embellished bobby pins, combs, and barrettes are appropriate for women of all ages and stages of life. Adding a hair accessory is also a perfect way to update an everyday style if you aren’t making a change.

From a pixie cut to long locks, consider adding an accessory to your mother of the bride style. A serum will also hydrate your scalp and deliver essential nutrients to the hair shaft and follicles. Of course, supplements help, but eating more fruits and vegetables and lessening processed foods will do wonders.

Keep split ends, dryness, and brittle hair at bay by finding a heatless style. Several celebrities are aging gracefully, and they serve as fabulous inspiration for your mother of the bride style. Although Sarah Jessica Parker hasn’t been a mother of the bride yet, she and her husband Matthew Broderick have children in their late teens.

But, of course, Parker has served as a style icon for decades with her role in “Sex and the City.” From fabulous updos to quirky hats, she knows how to rock a fantastic look. Parker is definitely one to watch for mother of the bride hairstyle inspiration for ladies with long hair.

From tight ponytails to loose curls, she is an icon to follow when styling natural MOB hair. From adorable bobs to styles bordering on pixie cuts, Mirren offers outstanding inspiration.

Fans of the TV show “Ally McBeal” and the movie “Kill Bill” will remember her well. Liu is fashion-forward with her hairstyles and has worn everything from short, straight bobs to long, wavy hair.

Hayek’s hair is styled so that it doesn’t cover her face, allowing her gorgeous eyes to take center stage. From flawless waves and straight locks to adding headbands and wearing ponytails, Hayek is definitely one to look to for inspiration.

Braids, ponytails, updos, and long locks are in Fox’s repertoire of gorgeous styles—all of which can inspire hairstyles for the MOB. Her constant smile and bright outlook are reminders of how wonderful you should feel on your child’s wedding day.

Recalling your own special day and all of the wedding planning that went into it will flood you with emotions as you watch your daughter do the same. Zola has all the advice you need to choose your gown, figure out your duties, and give you fabulous tips on how to create a DIY hairstyle.

Elegant Mother of the Bride Up-Dos

Elegant Mother of the Bride Up-Dos

For example, with this beautiful Mother of the bride, the hairdresser used twists to keep the shorter layers secure, while adding some texture and dimension to the hairstyle. This chic, low chignon is highlighted by loose wisps of hair that fall gently at the sides, giving this Mother of the Bride a romantic look. Many mature women this type of relaxed updo over tightly pulled back hair since that can look severe and emphasize fine lines and wrinkles. Although broad side sections of hair are left out, this hairstyle still looks elegance and somewhat sculptured without being uptight.

Depending on which angle you are looking at this from, this asymmetrical Mother of the Bride hairstyle can look like her curls are swept up or cascading down her shoulders. This mother-daughter duo are stunning in their complementary hairstyles, and I just love how this Mother of the bride updo plays up her beautiful highlights. The long, sleek bangs are kept out of the updo, and the bun is held high in the back for a modern look.

Medium-length hair can be easily pulled back into an elegant updo showing off the nape of the neck. Hair jewelry gives your tresses an instant style update, but it can also look juvenile if you choose the wrong piece.

Undeniably one of the prettiest updo hairstyles, the curly, messy variation, makes an impact no matter your age.

Pretty Mother of the Bride Hairstyles to Inspire

Pretty Mother of the Bride Hairstyles to Inspire

Laura usually sports a short straight silver bob but decided to try soft waves for a more romantic look. When you’re a mother of the bride with a headful of gorgeous long hair, what’s the best way to style it?

This long, loose style is smooth and flat at the top with a cascade of curls from the cheekbones down. This kind of style would be great on a mom with a thin face because the big curls add nice volume at the sides of the face.

If your hair is short and layered like Dianne’s, try adding some volume to give it a more formal look. The beautiful thing about short styles like this is they allow statement earrings to shine! It’s the ideal style if you have medium to long hair and want to show off your cheekbones. Long, feathered layers are curled and styled away from the ears to allow the jewelry to play up that fantastic neckline.

This short, perky MOB hairstyle highlights the natural beauty of the Mother of the bride’s silver hair. Whether you have a pixie or bob, if your hair is too short for an up-do, think volume. Here’s an all-over curly style the perfectly frames the face.

15 Beautiful Hairstyles for Mother of the Bride 2021

15 Beautiful Hairstyles for Mother of the Bride 2021

We have compiled the latest edition of Mother of the Bride Hairstyles for those moms who are experiencing or about to experience daughter’s wedding day very soon. Here we go, we have the latest wedding hairstyles for the Mother of the bride that has been top trending in the previous seasons.

These mom looks are all exquisite and feminine; these versatile trends indeed deserve a lot of attention. If you have short hair and are wondering how to manage it for the grandeur occasion, well, there are infinite hairstyles and makeover ideas around this as well.

Here is one Mother of the bride short hairstyles– the lovely side combed hairstyle adds up the look with the hair accessory, and it looks pretty exquisite and elegant. The side hairstyle here is complemented with a stunning hair accessory which aids in accentuating the looks and appearance seamlessly.

It is quick to do, comfortable for long wear, and adds to the charming and graceful style statement effortlessly. This Mother of the bride updos is one of the elegant and charming looks to try out; it can go seamlessly matching with sarees and lehengas too. If you are among those who do not prefer too heavy and fancy a look but love a subtle tone, this can be an excellent choice to go. The hairstyle can deliver an illusion of thicker texture given the pattern and is perfect for a range of wedding events.

Here is the art of transforming a regular average everyday pony looks into a beautiful and gorgeous style. This beautiful look gives on a complete desi avatar seamlessly and can bring on mesmerizing and stunning trends for women across age groups.

The simple straight hair is perfect if you have elegant and plush grandeur looks overall – right from outfit to jewellery and attitude too. If you have long hair length and prefer to flaunt your perfect looks on the day, how about this gorgeous one?

Women with straight or wavy hair texture can prefer this look for a perfect style statement. Add this on for lehengas or suits for an ideal and added glamorous style.

Braid hairstyles can never go out of fashion and can fit in a range of age groups as per the style and variant. This Mother of the bride’s long hairstyles with braid is one such classic and jaw-dropping vintage and old-school look ideal for women.

This can indeed bring on youthful and modern contemporary style statements in the most sophisticated manner. Women in the middle to older age groups, especially those over 50 years and 60, prefer this for class and comfort.

These are perfect for those across age groups and are ideal to suit several wedding events and festivities.

How to Decide If You Should Wear Your Hair Up or Down on the

How to Decide If You Should Wear Your Hair Up or Down on the

There are so many decisions to be made about your wedding day—you have to think about everything from the dress you'll wear and the flowers you'll carry to the food you'll serve and the music that will play during the reception. We spoke with the Mar R, creative director at TEAM Hair and Makeup, for her top tips.

One of the most important factors in deciding whether your hair should be up or down lies with the neckline of your wedding dress. If you have super-straight, fine hair that never wants to hold a curl, even a professional will struggle to make that happen on the big day.

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