They're a great way to keep your locks stylishly tucked away while allowing you to show off your length—plus, they're too cute to boot. Further, with nearly 50K Instagram users showing off their hairstyles with the #halfbun hashtag, now is the perfect time to incorporate this style into your repertoire. This half updo helps your mane sport a thicker and fuller appearance, which complements thin hair textures perfectly.

Start by dividing your hair into two sections with a horizontal part in the middle of your head and clip the bottom half out of the way. Secure the top section of your hair into a ponytail, twist the length, and begin to wrap it around its base to form a bun.

Once the length of your ponytail is fully wrapped, secure the bun with bobby pins, making sure that the grooved side is up for a lasting hold. Space buns are a great choice if you prefer to rock a style that’s equally playful and trendy.

This number gives your mane an ultra-smooth, wet look that adds just the right amount of edge for a chic style. This style consists of pulling your ponytail through a donut-shaped sock and tucking your loose strands around the hair tool to create the perfect bun. If you love the idea of combining a pretty woven pattern with a bun, the brun hairstyle awaits!

Visit our article, Braid Meets Bun: How to Get a Brun Hairstyle, to learn exactly how to DIY it. Make textured locks the shining star of your messy bun look with gorgeous curls. This style will help you sport a defined and stylish look and make your texture the center of attention.

Kick things off by adding a generous amount of the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle CURVE IT Elastic Curl Mousse to damp strands, “scrunch,” and let your hair air dry. Release the bottom section and mist your hair with a shine spray like the L’Oréal Paris Elnett Precious Oil Satin Hairspray, and your work is done. Next, combine both twists into a ponytail and loosely roll the length around its base to form a bun. The double French braided bun is a cool way to step into the world of Parisian flair.

This offering allows you to flaunt a large Dutch braid at the center of your head for a single-braided masterpiece. Once you reach the center of your head, secure your braid with a clear elastic, and form a bun. The fishtail bun is a whimsical hairstyle that sets the tone to give your look a romantic vibe.

Tie a ribbon around your bun, twist it into a bow, and release the bottom section to finish up your style. So, instead of twisting a teensy, tiny half-bun, just grab a few pieces of hair “here and there,” and pin them in place for a voluminous baby half-bun that’s built upon itself.

Since you won’t want your baby half-bun to fall flat, use the L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Volume as a finishing touch.

50 Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Everyday and Party Looks

50 Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Everyday and Party Looks

The Most Beautiful Half Updos Across the Web. Forget French and boxer braids: a loose lace braid can be the highlight of your half up half down hairstyle. #3: Twisted Half Up.

This half up half down style is no exception. If you’re no plait professional, consider this choice a great (read: easy) way to add some pizzazz to an otherwise basic silhouette.

#4: Half Down with Crown Braid. #7: Royal-Approved Half Up. #8: Anti-Basic Half Down.

To copy this look, create a small ponytail with the top layer of your hair, twist the end, wrap loosely and secure the twisted tail in place. Add a dainty element to this easy style with loose bouncy curls for the ends of your long locks.

If you’re in the market for prom hairstyles, then be sure to consider a style with lots of volume and drama. Opt for whimsical curls and a half up braid to tie together the look with different textures and lengths. #14: Half Down with Fishtail Braid.

Loose fishtail braids make a big impact with their minimalist style. For long hair, half-up hairstyles are a chic alternative to full-on updos for formal affairs. Craving to add texture to your straight tresses? Wear your half-up hairdo to the side with a bow (or a piece of cute fabric) for a quirky finish to your coif. Easy to recreate at home, the style is a simple way to change up your look, whether your hair is short or long. Just use a hair bow for a hairstyle that’s just as cute, but 100 times more impressive.

With its cute ringlets and shoulder-skimming length, this half up half down hair is the perfect combo of sweet style and sophistication for a bridesmaid or gala goer. Roll the ends of your braids and pin them up to create a textured bun. #23: Half Down Locks with Chunky Crown Braid.

If your locks are falling a little flat, add some texture with a super-chunky half up braid. Trying out loose twists is a start, but embellishing the coif with a floral hairpiece will make your tresses a picture of romantic style. #26: Straight Half Down Hairstyle.

Bring two fishtails together at the back of your head and pin them down for a modern style that stays in place all day. Braids mixed with a loosened twist pinned across the back of the head will enhance the beauty of your lush locks.

Use a thin braid as a barrette holding a waterfall of chic layers to bring a unique finish to this hairstyle. Let your long, caramel-tinted locks flow, instead of pinning them up into an updo.

So simple yet stunning, these wavy tresses could take you anywhere from a festival to a semi formal event. #30: Curly Half Down Tresses.

Plus, half up half down hairstyles can often be more polished than free-falling curls. As great as the half updo is for everyday wear, it’s not always the most appropriate for formal events.

#32: Knotty Half Updo for Long Hair. This option comprises a lazy ponytail with loose knots along the ends.

#37: Medium Hair in Half Updo. #38: Braided Half Updo for Straight Hair.

If flat, super straight hair just isn’t your thing, elevating the beauty of your half up is easy by giving your locks some root volume. To add some range to your collection of ladylike coiffures, try pinning back two side strands of your hair for an option that is equally polished. Romantic and timeless, this style for long hair is one of a few half updos that can truly be pulled off in any era. #45: Thick Braids and Curls.

Braids, twists, knots, headbands and their variations work amazing in half up half down styles.

50 Handsome Man Bun Hairstyles

50 Handsome Man Bun Hairstyles

Loose Man Bun Hairstyle. It’s another effortless way of styling a long hair man bun while also keeping freeing the face from any falling strands.

Man Bun Undercut. It lets you wear your hair both up and down and adds coolness points to the whole look. Tight Man Bun Styles.

Start by firmly combing back the hair and making sure that you get even the loose strands around the nape. Short Hair Man Bun.

If you have recently started growing out your hair, you can tie the tips into a small bun at the top back of your head. Make sure you don’t tie it too high to avoid a rooster-like result.

Half Up Man Bun Hairstyle. If your hair tends to stay perfectly straight most of the time, you can pull off a slick man bun hairstyle without a care in the world.

The texture of your locks will allow you to slick them back easily. Man Bun Hairstyle with Box Braids. For instance, grow a man bun style the top in braids for men and finish off the look with an undercut.

Curly Man Bun Hairstyle. Also, keep in mind that you will need significantly longer hair to make a curly hair man bun. 16. Business Casual Man Bun Hairstyle. Braided Man Bun Hairstyle. We think it’s a wonderful idea to rock a full head of long braids, especially if you pair them with a low undercut and shaved sides. To keep the braids out of your way, all you have to do is wrap them in a man bun hairstyle.

Aside from the mid fade we presented earlier, there’s also the more pronounced high fade. Casual Man Bun Hairstyle.

Afro-Textured Man Bun. Depending on their particular hair texture, African-American men can play around with a variety of hairstyles.

Besides going for a braided bun style – for one – they can also opt to leave their natural afro curls longer and keeping them in man bun styles to make maintenance all the easier. Low Fade Man Bun Hairstyle.

Another braiding method you can use to highlight your man bun is the cornrows style – it works the other way around too. Pick as many braids as you’d like for the top, braiding your hair just until you reach the edge of your head.

However, this time, the main focus isn’t on the way he wears his hair but rather on its color. Dreadlocks are a fantastic way of expressing your culture, lifestyle, or generally amazing taste in hairstyles. Braid Into Bun Hairstyle. You can temporarily add a braid to your hairstyle by making in on the side of the head and ending it in a man bun. With medium to long hair, take a few locks on one side and French braid them halfway. Reverse Braid Man Bun Hairstyle.

Do so by making one or two braids on the side of the head and ending them in not one but two man buns. Don’t focus on perfecting the man bun, but rather leave plenty of loose locks all around. High Man Bun Hairstyle.

Below, admire a high man bun paired with a mid fade that perfectly transitions into the facial hair. Admire the two braids on the side, the pompadour-styled top, and the short man bun in the back that gathers them all up. Man Bun Hairstyle with Shaved Designs.

As you can see by now, man buns and top knots make for some of the best long top short sides hairstyles as they offer so many styling choices. Take this look, for example, that mixes short and closely cropped sides with a long top made all the more interesting by the side braid that acts as a parting element too. Braids and Man Bun.

The singer is open-minded with his appearance, so for this one, he styled all the hair on top of the head into braids. An athletic take on this hairstyle sees the top being cleanly swept back, with the hair tie wrapped securely around the bun in the back. Pulled Back Braids Hairstyles.

He often pulls his braids back into small ponytails or buns – depending on how long they are. Guys who have shorter, wavy hair can pull off this man bun hairstyle simply by tying a handful of hair at their nape.

That way, they’ll end at the back of the head instead of on the sides. Also, consider bringing your entire hairstyle to life by mixing your man bun with other hairstyles – like braids or undercuts.

25 Low Bun Hairstyles That You Can Create Yourself!

25 Low Bun Hairstyles That You Can Create Yourself!

You don’t need a professional or a friend, instead you just need some super snazzy tutorials to help you through. Check out this gorgeous, romantic, low bun hairstyle from Weddingomania. This knotted bun from Once Wed is the perfect hairdo for so many different occasions. It’s textural, it’s fun and it works on all hair types. Accessorize your bun with a fun scarf! Elle showcased this gorgeous, sophisticated twisted bun that we are swooning for.

Here’s another funky way to accessorize your bun – with yarn! Check out all the details at A Beautiful Mess. The Beauty Department is featuring this intricate, “twisted sister” hair design and we love it!

3 Buns. Sometimes three buns are better than one!

Create the most perfect messy bun that you’ve ever seen with the help of The Small Things Blog. This super chic net bun can be found over at The Bride Link. Check out this tutorial and find out how to wave your hair and then utilize the texture in the creation of this gorgeous low bun design.

Visit this YouTube video and learn how to create this posh low bun in just two minutes. Learn how to create a fishtail braid and then use it in a bun over at The Beauty Place. This low bun has a beautiful, boho essence and we love every bit of it’s romance and whimsy.

And here you’ll be able to learn how to create the light and chic Gibson tuck. Here’s another low bun that’s been capped off with a braid. And Inspired by This shows us how to make it unique with a side appeal!

35 Wedding Guest Hairstyles You Can Actually Do Yourself

35 Wedding Guest Hairstyles You Can Actually Do Yourself

You've likely thought through all the major parts of your friend's wedding, like what to wear or what gift to give them. Loose waves with a center part are the ultimate casual-meets-sophisticated hairdo since it looks effortlessly gorgeous.

Spray on dry shampoo for added volume (he recommends Authentic Beauty Concept's formulation, as it won't leave residue behind). Gather your hair from the sides of your crown and pull it back into a high bun. For an edgy, fun look, rock your natural curls and pin the sides back.

A twisted half-up style is the ultimate wedding guest hairstyle because it looks like you spent a lot of time on it. Rock a traditional hijab in a light and sheer fabric for a pretty, modern look. Apply a styling product (Garcia recommends Authentic Beauty Concept's hydrating lotion) on wet hair and scrunching the ends.

Loosely curl your hair and then part your bangs in the center for a trendy and easy wedding guest hairstyle. Dutch braid one side of your hair and pin it in the back for a chic and unique style. Celebrity hairstylist Mara Roszak recommends applying mousse to your damp hair (she reccomends Authentic Beauty Concept's mousse), and then twirling your hair into low pigtail buns until it's dry.

Gently take them out and work a styling product (she loves same brand's shaping cream) to hold the structure. Not only will it look undeniably chic in pictures, it will also keep your hair off your face and neck so you can dance the night away.

With your hands wrapped around the base of the ponytail, use your two pointer fingers to create a hole above the elastic. Put an edgy spin on the classic half-up wedding guest hairstyle.

French braid both sides back and secure with hair pins. Take two pieces of hair from the front of your face, twist them and then pin them behind your head.

Then gather the remaining hair into a low bun and secure with an elastic. Take long pieces of hair from behind your ears, braid them, and then wrap them around the top of your head.

Calling all minimalists: This cool-girl wedding guest hairstyle will look perfectly polished in photos. Gather hair into a low ponytail, and then use a sock bun tool to get the perfect doughnut shape. Let your hair air-dry and then add in some waves with a curling wand for extra drama. Braid both sides of your starting at the nape of the neck and secure with elastics. Secure with bobby pins, and then take out the elastics for a seamless braided updo. Use a small curling iron to add texture and then gently run your fingers through them.

Use a curling iron to style your bangs in a sweeping fashion, and add in hairspray so it keeps its shape throughout the night. This is a wedding guest hairstyle that looks hard to achieve, but is totally manageable.

First, section off a chunk of hair at the front of your head, braid and secure with a small elastic. Pull on the edges to make it look fuller, and then gather it into a low ponytail with the rest of your hair. Create a side part, curl your locks with a small barrel and set with hairspray.

Style your hair in glamorous loose curls and pin one side back behind your ear.

25 Braid Hairstyles with Weave That Will Turn Heads

25 Braid Hairstyles with Weave That Will Turn Heads

Braid hairstyles with weave are versatile and the styles that can be created are endless. To get you inspired, we have found 25 of the trendiest braid hairstyles of the year. Opt for an elegant half up style, which includes a high, curly ponytail.

The top is also braided and the stylist wrapped a few twists of the weave around the pony base to up the glam factor. Deep burgundy tones like this one would be a great choice. These are feed in cornrows that start very small and gradually get bigger. This creates a unique style and gives the ponytail a fresh, new look that is great for spring and summer.

Don’t forget that you can adorn the braids with some hair cuffs, cords or both. Braided hairstyles are a work of art and our next pick proves that.

Braid cuffs are a stylish finishing touch that you can easily add to your hair. The thing we love the most about this style is that you can just leave the braids hanging and look totally breathtaking. Make sure to include a pretty hair accessory, just like featured. Braids and buns are so hot right now, especially if you combine them into one amazing updo. We love the chunky braid at the back of the head, and how the rest of the hair is shiny and sleek. It features thick and thin braids with weave in funky design.

This is a bold statement maker perfect if you like standing out from the crowd. Protective styling shouldn’t be boring so make sure to jazz up your braids with gold hair cuffs. They won’t put as much pressure and pain on your head, but they will still look trendy and chic.

To achieve this high ponytail, you will need a small headband (or a big one that you can cut in half). You can cover the base of the ponytail with a few strands of braids or a colorful scarf. The next style on our list features awesome cornrows in a zigzag design. Adding a shade like this gives your style an edge and makes it different.

Give your ponytail some oomph by opting for long curly weave and some small and big cornrows at the top. This butterfly braid hairstyle seems like it takes a lot of work, but actually it doesn’t. For the perfect finishing touch, accessorize your butterfly braids with cords in gold or silver color. Opt for this style for days when you want to feel super glam and elegant.

It is so intricate and features thick, feed in braids to the side. This hairstyle is ideal for spring and summer, especially if you adorn them with some cute beads.

Braid cuffs and cords are the easiest way to add a touch of color and glam to your look. These side braids will make the cutest summer style.

Half Up Half Down Prom Hair

Half Up Half Down Prom Hair

While spiky hairstyles have been trendy for years modern spiked up haircuts have added many and because mens spiked hair is so versatile guys are able to style a number of cool hairstyles. Thats why we made the amazing list of wedding hairstyles for black brides to get you inspired.

Thats why we made the amazing list of wedding hairstyles for black brides to get you inspired. A straight half up hairstyle involves half of the hair usually the top or sides being pulled tied or pinned back with the rest of the hair left out to hang down below the shoulders. While spiky hairstyles have been trendy for years modern spiked up haircuts have added many and because mens spiked hair is so versatile guys are able to style a number of cool hairstyles. Thats why we made the amazing list of wedding hairstyles for black brides to get you inspired.

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