You don’t need a professional or a friend, instead you just need some super snazzy tutorials to help you through. These 25 low bun hairstyles you can create yourself at home in front of your mirror with so much ease! Check out this gorgeous, romantic, low bun hairstyle from Weddingomania.

This knotted bun from Once Wed is the perfect hairdo for so many different occasions. Here’s a classic, low chignon that you’ll want to learn and keep in your back pocket.

Elle showcased this gorgeous, sophisticated twisted bun that we are swooning for. The Beauty Department is featuring this intricate, “twisted sister” hair design and we love it!

A Cup of Jo shows us how to make it happen and style it just right. Create the most perfect messy bun that you’ve ever seen with the help of The Small Things Blog. And Missy Sue shows us how to combine bow the braid and the bun!

This super chic net bun can be found over at The Bride Link. Gorgeous, dramatic and voluminous in all the right places, this low bun is one of our favorites of the bunch.

Check out this tutorial and find out how to wave your hair and then utilize the texture in the creation of this gorgeous low bun design. Visit this YouTube video and learn how to create this posh low bun in just two minutes. The Freckled Fox gives us this snazzy, side-detailed low bun that we love. Learn how to create a fishtail braid and then use it in a bun over at The Beauty Place. Here’s another elegant, low bun hairstyle DIY that we’re swooning for. This low bun has a beautiful, boho essence and we love every bit of it’s romance and whimsy.

And here you’ll be able to learn how to create the light and chic Gibson tuck. And Inspired by This shows us how to make it unique with a side appeal!

60 Easy Updo Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair in 2021

60 Easy Updo Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair in 2021

However, with shoulder-grazing hair you can also afford plenty of gorgeous updos which won’t ever give out your actual length. Updo hairstyles are an urgent topic for summer days when you need to keep your locks off the face and more or less organized. Whether you’ve dropped in to check on fresh ideas for casual looks or formal updos for shoulder-length hair, you are going to find here both.

However, we can sum up the most popular hairstyles for mid length and create a sort of summary on this topic. With medium length hair that is not thick enough, you may lack body which eventually tells on the bun’s size.

Tease your hair at the roots to provide some lift around your face and make a low or high “imperfect” knot. Fine hair can look incredibly flat in updo hairstyles because the strands have less width than average. If you opt for a simple look like this messy looped style, it would help to have some chunky highlights to add visual interest. This pretty twisted style makes fine hair look super thick and voluminous!

No one would ever guess you were actually rushing to work or class when you gathered your bedhead hair into a low bun. Updos for medium hair come in all shapes and sizes, including this loopy style you can wear with bangs. Whether your bangs are cut straight across the forehead or side swept, they will top off this style with girly delicacy.

Whether your tresses are wrapped up tight or hang down your back, the piecey layered look teamed with waves is always going to be a magnet for compliments. In fact, the simple, but elegant hairstyles you see here would be the perfect accent to a polished shift dress or a cashmere sweater and midi skirt.

The messy chignon, popularized by fashion icons like Lauren Conrad, still remains a consistent trend. For this hairstyle to truly shine, utilize day two or three hair to achieve the optimal level of messiness. Section off a chunky piece on each side, and make a low looped pony from the remaining hair. The highlighted waves give chic hairdos like this one enhanced texture and easy detail.

Simple medium length updos often trick others into thinking you’ve spent more time on your hair than you actually did. The low knot is perfect for a weekend jaunt around town, a night out at a club, or a dinner with your girls. Make two French twists from either side of your head and join them in the middle with bobby pins.

The rose tone of this hairstyle adds to the gorgeousness, but you can rock a low flower bun updo no matter what hair color you have. Not only do they make a striking statement on the runways, but the messy updos for medium hair paired with a dark romantic lip and gilded accessories would be perfect for your next formal event. Despite the previous look, there is some advantage to wearing a more traditional updo, like a French twist — especially if you are a busy woman who has to juggle many different kinds of events in one day. The thin tendrils and fringe are sweet finishing touches that perfectly complement the romantic allure of a braided chignon.

A big barrel swirl gives the look of movement to your coif even though it’s held perfectly in place. Refreshing second day hair is easy: a little dry shampoo and a curling wand will give you a quick, textured beach wave.

It also works well for those who don’t feel comfortable with all of their locks away from the face but want to change up the casual downdo style. A sleek, shiny updo is made seemingly effortless by the incorporated braided elements. Show off the multiple tones of your hair color, whether you have highlights or balayage, and play around with your messy-chic chignon!

Show the world you’re a classy lady when you shape rolled waves into a side bun. A bit of pulling at waves creates easy texture, while the wavy tendrils near the face are a soft touch. Women who are fans of the romantic updo hairstyles in period movies like Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice will love these looks.

When it comes to updos for medium length hair, buns are not only a classy choice, but they also protect your ends from damage. If a low bun isn’t your thing, such a fancy braided Mohawk can work as a casual ‘do or a formal hairstyle. Commonly polished and neat updos compliment mature ladies, and younger women more often prefer a less refined finish.

Pulling face-framing tendrils out and embracing an untamed curl can take medium length updos from polished to age-appropriate. From the intricate braiding on the top to the loose flowing curls on the bottom, there are a few levels of awesome in this hairstyle.

At first glance this appears to be a simple side bun, but upon further inspection one notices that it resembles the petals of a blooming bud. Take the standard chignon to the next level by French braiding along the center of your head and overlapping the side sections at the nape of your neck. Learning new updos for medium hair will add some spice, elegance, and interest to your routine style.

Updos for medium-length hair can’t offer many inches to work with, so a more minimalist approach is a win-win for those with shorter locks. Half updos are the best of both worlds; they can pull hair out of your face while still retaining some length to frame it. Braids and twists can take the basic style to the next level; from date night to a debutante ball, this look is a no brainer. Add some barrel curls to your cut, roll your ends upwards around your finger, and then tuck them with a bobby pin.

Make a statement on your wedding day with gorgeous platinum blonde hair and a delicate wispy side bang. Flatten the curls into creative coils and gather them into a low voluminous bun for a slightly updated take on the expected look. Updos for medium hair do not always have to be polished and sleek for formal settings; they are perfect for everyday wear as well. Gathering curls neither too low, nor high – somewhere in the middle creates the cutest fullness and a ponytail-like effect. A small comb adds visual interest and makes this the perfect look for a prom or school dance. Let this cute hairstyle for medium length hair inspire you on trying creative ‘dos that look simple yet special!

Skip the classic chignon, and roll pieces of twisted hair into an intricate design. Create this easy hairstyle by styling your hair wavy, and softly gathering it all back sans part.

Curl your locks with a large barrel wand and gather them into a loose, curly chignon.

DIY Messy Buns That Only Take Minutes

DIY Messy Buns That Only Take Minutes

Check out these tutorials for getting the perfect style of messy bun for your look in no time! Reverse braid messy bun. Back brushing is a great technique for giving your messy bun some volume and thickness!

Braids and buns are a perfect pairing. Three step messy bun.

The Freckled Fox shows you how to make a slightly messy bun with a classic bouffant at the front for balance and volume. Wrapped messy bun.

Makeup Wearables shows you how to create a messy bun by wrapping small sections of hair around your ponytail until all the ends are caught up. Knotted messy bun. Looped messy bun.

Bye Bye Beehive‘s technique of looping the hair through an elastic and letting the ends stick out is perfect for medium or shoulder length hair! The Freckled Fox‘s loose messy bun idea is perfect for people with long, thick hair. This idea is stylish, elaborate, and adorable… but still pretty easy!

40 Updos for Long Hair – Easy and Cute Updos for 2021

40 Updos for Long Hair – Easy and Cute Updos for 2021

Messy hair is trending pretty hard right now, which is great news for all of us ladies with less-than-perfect hairstyling skills. If your hair tends to incur fly-aways, frizz or rebellious curling on a regular basis, then guess what? Low buns, top knots, twists or simply pinned up curls acquire a unique effortless and relaxed feel when they are messy. If you want a soft, romantic updo with an original design, try this elegant plaited bun. At the forefront of cute updos are sweet symmetrical styles like this fun twisted bun look. For example, combine a messy loopy bun with a halo plait and you’ve got an entirely new style!

A classic French twist is a great hairstyle to show off long, thick hair. Make an upgrade of this popular formal go-to by opting for messy texture, balayage color and shifting your twist to the side. Start with a ponytail and loop it through a bobble like you do with a simple knot but leave a longer tail for the wrap. Updos for long hair are a perfect way to keep disobedient locks out of your face, but that doesn’t mean they have to be neat! Looser braids with no distinct part and a messy bun are a lovely casual solution. Colorful highlights or hair chalking are amazing in intricate-looking updos that are actually pretty easy to do.

Pull the end of the braid and the hair that was left out into an imperfect bun to show off your handy work. You’ll need plenty of bobby pins to hold everything in place, but it’s easy to hide them with a perfectly-placed braid. Prepare those heatless waves beforehand or start with light backcombing to get that cute texture and make the style more casual.

The crown braid has been upgraded by using a fishtail instead of a regular plait, adding more weight to the halo effect. Deconstructed updo hairstyles for long hair are very popular because they feature a lower degree of elegance and can be worn casually providing a smart and effortless look.

This style boasts all the details of a formal updo (a bouffant, a headband braid and bun) but looks absolutely spontaneous and relaxed. Add some modernity to the hairstyle by simply including twisted pieces of hair on either side of your head. Be it a beach day or formal gala, this hairstyle works on both straight and curly hair, as well as any length of long locks.

This hairstyle couldn’t be simpler, which is welcome news to those who are used to the daily struggle of maintaining the health and harmony of long hair. Don’t pull that final loop through – let it lay halfway through for this classic warm weather bun. Enjoy a throwback to childhood when your mom would do those fancy braids on your long hair. This messy updo for long hair involves a twisted braid with a low casual loopy knot for the perfect summer look. Simply French braid one side of your hair and then pull it up into a high ponytail. With the mix of metallic hues and multiple braids, this messy bun will be hard to forget, but easy to do.

Braiding your hair with the flower’s vine intensifies the texture, making it perfect for any special occasion. The waterfall of curls on the sides gives this hairstyle a carefree feel that says she is one fun lady.

Pinning curls like this brings a ton of volume and depth, while keeping the rest of your hair smooth makes for a very elegant hairstyle. By twisting random pieces on the sides she creates an effortless texture and nice volume with this delightful look. When you keep your pinned curls closer to the centre of the back, your updo gains a Mohawk-like appearance. Hairdos for long hair can seem complicated, but this messy updo is an easy way to pin your locks up off the neck.

This updo looks like an endless twist rolled into a bun, but you don’t need extremely long hair to recreate it. The ponytail makes this updo young and fun, while the side braided element creates a cool attention-grabbing detail.

The messy bun is having a moment: how to perfect this style

The messy bun is having a moment: how to perfect this style

Well, that's definitely one way to go about it, but the truth is there are messy buns, and then there is The Messy Bun. The former is just as it sounds, a low-key tied-up style that many of us lean on for non-hair washing days, housework, and hangovers. The messy bun we're here to talk about today is an elegantly disheveled chignon that is to Meghan Markle what a blunt bob is to Anna Wintour. It also suits most hair types, textures, and lengths—if you've got a bob hairstyle or longer, you're good to go! These are the expert styling tips, best hair styling products you need, plus the best messy bun inspiration on social media. How to create a classic messy bun.

“What women love about it is that it’s low key and simple while beautifully framing the face where the shorter, wispy strands fall loose. Step 1: Prep your texture. Step 2: Section off your hair. With the rest of the hair, smooth from the roots to ends using a bristle brush and create a low ponytail behind the ear with a hair tie.". Step 3: Create your bun. “Take the front section of hair that was clipped away, pull out any soft pieces you want to leave around your face, then twist the hair away from the face towards the ponytail and continue the circular motion around the bun.

Pinned-in bun. Low messy bun.

A post shared by Hair Professional (@erroldouglashair) A photo posted by on. High curly bun. Textured knot.

Twisted high bun.

Curly hairstyle tutorial

Curly hairstyle tutorial

You can still try this style in straight hair, but the texture of curly hair really works for this low bun. To do this style, you’ll need a hair bungee and some bobby pins. Pin the side twists in place. If necessary, you can pin the side twists to keep them in place.

Pin any loose pieces of hair into the bun. This style works so well in curly hair because your hair has so much texture. What’s your favourite updo for curly hair?

How to Elevate Your Messy Bun

How to Elevate Your Messy Bun

Some girls can just throw their hair up into a work of messy, tousled art. Whenever I try to use a hair tie to create a quick messy bun, the result is either:.

I started believing the twisted messy bun was actually a much more complicated style that should be reserved for special occasions... I witnessed Emma Chen's twisted messy bun tutorial,.

Read the prep part below, so that you don't miss the vital steps in making your messy bun updo all it can be! Yes, this is the perfect low messy bun for thin hair! A thermal texture spray works best for protecting your hair from heat styling at the same time. If you need extra length and volume to create this bun, put on your Sitting Pretty Halo before styling. Wearing the halo will also help the messy bun hold better and look more fuller. Create soft, textured waves in your hair using a wide barrel curling wand.

Apply a soft workable hairspray on the curls to hold and create more texture. We love the Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair Then gently comb out the curls and spraying sea salt spray for that beachy, tousled finish. Also read: 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Halo Hair Extensions. Leave a thick enough piece of hair that you can twist it back and pin it on the other side of your head.

Make sure you leave enough hair in the ponytail section at the back of your head. If you don't have enough hair to have three thick sections, I recommend wearing your Sitting Pretty Halo for this look. Popular post: Ridiculously Easy Volume Hacks For Your Ponytail. Popular article: Protective Sleep Hairstyles To Avoid Hair Damage.

Now that you've read the detailed instructions for creating this messy bun hair style... ...check out all the steps of Emma's messy bun for long hair tutorial:. This is the messy bun for wedding hair and casual occasions alike.

Messy Bun Hairstyles: Casual Cool Girl Topknots And Up-Dos

Messy Bun Hairstyles: Casual Cool Girl Topknots And Up-Dos

After more than a year of rocking the greasy bedhead look from behind the safety of our computer screens, it's a bit of a shock to the system having to be presentable in person. Luckily, if you're armed with a bottle of dry shampoo and a hair tie, there's an easy way to style it out in an instant, thanks to the humble messy bun.

There's something sexy, nonchalant and infinitely appealing about a slightly ramshackle topknot.

Best Messy Bun Hairstyle Ideas

Best Messy Bun Hairstyle Ideas

4 Victoria Beckham Getty Images This deconstructed French Twist-meets-messy bun is equal parts edgy and elegant. The most recent example: these vertically stacked whimsical knots spotted on the Venice Film Festival red carpet. We love the way Jennifer Lawrence's wavy crown is tucked perfectly into a refined square shape at the nape of her neck.

11 Kate Middleton Getty Images An unfussy updo fit for a princess is never complete without a fantastic fascinator. 16 Kate Moss Getty Images The only way to do a voluminous updo with edge: slight height on top and a haphazardly pinned twist in back.

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