A saree is a traditional attire worn by Indian women on various occasions. Its uniqueness is well portrayed when you pick the style that suits your face type and hair texture. Understanding the right choice is utmost important to give the best look. Traditionally, in many cultures in India, women style their hair with Jasmine flowers that complement a silk saree. Below we have given different types of hairstyles for sarees along with images which will give you major reasons to try out one as soon as possible. A high bun also called a chignon, is usually preferred when you like to flaunt your shoulders and neck.

Say, if you were to wear a huge a neckpiece or strapless blouse, or maybe even large earrings, then this would be the right hairstyle with saree to go for. Now pin it high and tight almost to the closer to the centre of your head. The high bun is a classy hairstyle that is apt for special occasions.

It accentuates shoulders and neck, perfect for tall and slim women. Finish the look with long earrings or a small tiara over the bun to give it an elegant look. Have a highly embellished blouse which would grab the attention of a lot of people?

The hair is held and tied back neatly, and the eyes would fall on the work on your blouse. The ponytail is also very simple to do and almost gives a very casual yet classic look if done correctly.

Occasion – Reception or Engagement party, special events. While doing this hairstyle in saree, comb out your hair and untangle them so that they give a neat look. A floral accessory like worn in the picture also adds style and festive look for a saree. Even if it appears to be slightly messy, this traditional hairstyle on saree would still look great. A low twisted bun is another classy and effortless hairstyle that suits any kind of saree. In this picture, Deepika Padukone has sported a middle partition with twisted sides that have been pulled into a bun.

For the gorgeous Indian look and even for the bridal look, this is one hairstyle for a girl in saree will look good for any event and any occasion. Messed up side braid hairstyle is another style that looks perfect on a saree. Curly and wavy hair is the best match for the perfect messy braid look.

Wearing a sleeveless blouse with a good pair of earrings give the hairstyle a modern yet traditional edge. This is a perfect one in the list of hairstyles for saree where you can make a bouffant and give your hair more volume.

This one is perfectly suitable for the bride to be on her big day with a gorgeous saree or lehenga since she is going to take that pallu over the bouffant. A hair bun for saree is an excellent idea to boost the volume to the hairstyle.

Once done, you take all your hair from the front and then tie it into a normal bun. Lastly, you just need to pull out some curls on both sides of the face for a softer touch.

Here the bride is wearing a curled bun with a center puff. It is important to use good styling gel and hair spray. For this hairstyle what you will need to do is simple take hair from one side and making a thick braid. Now pull that over the crown like a hairband and pin it on the other side of the head and then tie a Chignon bun on the back.

A perfect bridal hairstyle with a modern and classy twist is crown braiding. Bold accessories are giving it a leading-edge bridal look perfect to fashion this wedding season. This look will also complement an anarkali style attire perfect for a traditional dance show.

What makes the Marathi hairstyle on saree different is the mundavalya, a pearl string accessory that runs alongside the forehead. Their traditional hairstyle for saree is the typical bun with flowers and jewellery with some styling in the front hair. It could be a puff or a twisted twirl that will then join at the back in the form of a bigger bun.

The classy bun with jasmine flowers around it completes a traditional Maharashtrian look. A fancy brooch placed to the bun gives it a stylish look.

This is among hairstyles with saree for medium length hair which is quite graceful and stylish. Leave a bit of hair with soft curls on either side to add to the look even more. Ideal Age Group : Women in their late 20s can try this look totally.

Perfect Occasion: Wear this during night parties or wedding receptions. Now Mandira Bedi deserves a huge applause for making this possible.

The gorgeous woman has been one of the few women to actually take up this trend forward and make it a huge hit. Sporting totally short hair, this beautiful lady has attended many award shows and events wearing a saree.

Try this look, if you would like to flaunt large earrings and neckpieces as they would become easily visible for the short tresses. It is a good idea to use a styling gel or a dash of hair spray to give the hairstyle a perfect finish.

Let your hair loose, with a middle partition, with your tresses falling beautifully on your either shoulders. Evergreen and simple hairstyle for saree that is apt for any occasion and suits any face shape or hair texture. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is sporting a neat bun on this fancy saree in this picture. Complimenting the style with long earrings are giving a simple bun a trendy finish. Wearing a halter neck blouse with the saree accentuates shoulders and a good neckline. Wearing a simple bun does the magic to bring focus on the neckline.

This South Indian hairstyle for saree is complete with pretty jewellery and flowers. A braid is a common hairstyle and is all wrapped in flowers with beautiful saree.

Here you can see the girl has chosen to look simple with a middle parting and side wrapped hair which is tied into a bun and braid at the back. A South Indian look is never complete without jasmine flowers and traditional gold jewellery. Here the bride has taken a center partition and braided rest of the hair, accessorised with gold jewellery running through the center partition contributing to a perfect South Indian bridal look. Sonam Kapoor again impresses everyone with her stunning saree look and then girl-next-door hairstyle. She has left it even simpler this time with just a simple, shallow side parting and has twisted a little of her hair to pin it and make them look neater. It is important to maintain the length of the hair and keeping adhere to the texture to get the perfect look.

A dash of hair serum will keep the curls polished and intact. Occasion – Engagement Party, Sangeet, Special event.

The Queen of all Hearts Deepika Padukone knows just how to look simple yet so effortlessly gorgeous. This is very simple too because you will just have to take hair from one side and casually twist it all along to the back and then tie a loose hanging bun on the shoulders.

In this picture, Deepika Padukone is donning a side twisted bun with a saree giving it a perfect vintage look along with a hint of cutting-edge appearance. The block earrings pair well with the overall appearance and also accentuates her neckline.

This is a very royal look with that light blue chiffon saree and the layered pearl necklace and how things are all draped. Sonam Kapoor is rightly known as the fashionista, and her hairstyle with designer saree is just so simple and so wow! Here Sonam Kapoor has complimented her look with pearl jewellery which together with Vintage curls is giving a simple saree an elegant style. Vintage curls with winged eyeliner also complement the antique look.

For this, you will need to make the braid right from the crown portion and then carry on till the full length of the hair. After you are done with the braid tug at the strands a little to make it look messy because in that way your hair looks even more voluminous.

You can decorate these braids with flowers too, and it will be a perfect hairstyle for round face in saree. A French braid is classy and can never go wrong in choosing an attire to sport it.

Here Alia Bhatt is donning a simple saree complimenting it with a French braid and minimal accessory looking, perfect Indian homey lady. The Arabian hairstyle has become very famous for its conventional appeal and loos very trendy. This smart look of actress Raai Lakshmi is again taking down the internet with her simplicity and elegance.

It is sizzling hot and sexy yet quite simple and adorable and is loved by all. The medium hair length is made to look soft with curls and waves for this style.

Perfect Occasion: Wear this for special parties or events. Ideal age group: Women in their 20s and 30s can look graceful and stylish here. Here are the amazing and stylish long hairstyles for saree with pictures.

Here a bouffant is made with some fringe left in the front and then the puff pinned nicely at the back. Since the tradition is to wear a veil, it is necessary to do the best to style the front side of the hair.

In this picture, the bride is sporting a puffed side fringe with soft curls. Elegant hair accessories add glam to a perfect bridal look. Take a look at how Kajol has dressed her saree look with a wonderful and simple hairstyle.

That net and lace blouse looks vintage and romantic along with that beautiful saree. She has side-parted her hair with the bangs in front, and at the back, she has made a nice low kept bun.

This is an ideal hairstyle for the party in saree, so you don’t mess up your hair and all that stays in place! She has taken a side partition and added volume by giving a slight puff.

Good eye makeup is all that is needed to give an edge to the look. Occasion – Farewell party, special events, casual.

You would need to get your hair cut in neat layers by a stylist. Long hair with side sweep suits best for women with the oval-shaped face. For the ladies who like to keep it very simple and their hairstyle on saree is not for any special occasion. This is where you wear simple sarees and not the gorgeous ones, and you simply take all your hair to one side and tie up in a nice and simple, casual braid which hangs nicely over your shoulder.

A well bordered saree with designer blouse accentuates the appearance and gives the hairstyle the elegance and style. Vidya Balan in this picture has sported a wavy hair type, although curls at the end also would look good. That could complete the perfect look of the white saree with some black/brown locks and add charm.

In this picture, the hairstyle has been worn with a Kerala style saree and also accessorised with jasmine flowers which complete the look on any traditional South Indian attire. Make sure to tease the braid after you have made it for a more casual look.

Simple saree with a contrasting blouse adds elegance to the sweet meek appearance. Middle partition has given a look a perfect Indian humble attire.

Occasion – Engagement, Farewell Party, Special Ceremonies, Festivals. It could remain curly or straight since the focus of your hair would be on your bangs.

This easy hairstyle for saree would be ideal for people with a prominent forehead. Side bangs give a saree look a perfect elegance.

Placing a small bobby pin matching the hair-colour would help keep the side sweep intact. A traditional south Indian attire is never complete without jasmine flowers.

A long-braided hairdo with fancy clips is the conventional style for this hairstyle. This is a very traditional yet classy South Indian bridal hairstyle.

The flowers around the braid add class and glam to the style. In case you have curly hair type then it is a perfect fit for hairstyles for saree.

This picture of party hairstyles for medium hair with saree looks quite hot and trending. The woman is seen to wear a partywear blouse with a transparent netted saree and looks quite amazing with curly hair. This style suits women with all face shapes equally. Perfect Occasion: Wear this style for party times and night get-togethers.

Ideal Age Group: Women in their late 20s and 30s can totally try this style out. Here are trending and glamourous yet stylish medium hairstyles for saree with images. This picture of the South Indian actress Samantha in saree is stealing our hearts. This short yet sweet medium length hairstyle with saree is totally modern and elegant.

This is the kind of hairstyle with saree for medium length hair that we all want to maintain. Perfect Occasion: Wear this during night stylish event or for an elegant party.

Wear this during night stylish event or for an elegant party. This hairstyle for medium curly hair on saree is looking simple but is quite trendy and exotic. All you need is beautiful curly hair to be made wavy and silky smooth, to get this look. It looks great for women who have dense Wavy and curly hair with medium length. Perfect Occasion: Wear this during functions or modern events. This picture of messy braided side bun is stealing our hearts.

This is quite a simple hairstyle for medium hair saree, which is in trend for a long time. Ideal Age Group: Women in their 30s can style this well to look graceful.

Best Season to Try: Summer and winter is a good time to try this style out. In case you are wondering if this kind of vintage touch hairstyle for medium curly hair on saree will suit you, do not doubt or worry because this kind of ethnic and stylish makeover is possible only while wearing traditional and ethnic saree. The picture of this look with actress Kajal Agarwal is seen here sporting a similar look, and we are totally in love with it.

Perfect Occasion: Wear this style during festivals or wedding time. Oval and diamond face shapes can totally try this style out. Ideal Age Group: Women in their 30s and 40s can totally try this style out to look youthful. Have you ever imagined that a simple high pony can look elegant and poised? You can get a small and tiny high puff near the crown to add to the look. Make sure the blouse design is more stylish to add to the look of the pony.

Ideal Age Group: Women in their late 20s and 30s can try this style out. Perfect Occasion: Women can wear this kind of style for cocktail parties. Women can wear this kind of style for cocktail parties. Seen here is a simple flaunting style where the medium hair is leftover sidewards. This is a time taking task kind of hairstyle, but the end result is totally satisfying and stylish. Ideal Age Group: Women in their 20s can totally try this stylish look.

Perfect Occasion: Wear this style for reception kind of events during weddings. Wear this style for reception kind of events during weddings. The soft curls near ears, as shown in the picture, can be left out to make a further impression.

Try it out if you want a traditional braid for hairstyles for medium wavy hair for saree. The actress Pragna sporting this simple look is quite elegant and graceful.

Make sure the saree is in designer blouse mode to add to further look and style. This will totally blow your mind by the time you see the end result. Perfect Occasion : Women can wear this for festivals or functions. Here are the elegant and smart short hairstyles for saree for the modern young woman.

This Indian short hairstyles for saree is totally simple and stylish. This hairstyle has waves near the lower portion and looks good with designer sarees.

Perfect Occasion : Wear this during night parties and events. Ideal Age Group: Women in their 30s and late 20s can try this style out. Best Season to Try: Winter and monsoons are a good time to try this style out. This is a simple layer cut hairstyle for short hair.

Have you ever thought that a layer cut would even suit short hair? Try this out with saree and a designer cut blouse to look amazing and stylish.

Best Season to Try: Summer and winters are a good time to try this style. If you want to look edgy but also traditional, then you can quickly try out this latest and super short bob kind of hairstyle. This is nothing but simple trimmed up hair all over to make it in short bob form. This new Indian bride hairstyle for short hair in saree is taking down in trend right now. Ideal Age Group: Wear this style for women in their 20s. Wear this style with round and oval face shapes.

Perfect Occasion: Women can wear this during bridal functions and festivities. New Age Short Haircut for Working Woman in Saree:. In case you are a working woman and want a simple hairstyle for saree, then this is the totally perfect choice.

Perfect Occasion: Women can wear this for their working time. It will give you an elegant look without any effort and can look totally dashing and different from others.

Ideal Age Group: Women in 30s can try this style totally. Well, it is a common myth that too short hair and boy haircut is only for kids.

The young and modern woman is choosing to have this kind of simple hairstyle for short hair for saree right now. Those women with busy schedules who do not have time to makeover every single day can totally try this classic and evergreen lookout. Ideal Age Group: Women in their 20s and 30s can look great in this style. Best Season to Try: Summer and monsoons are a good time to try and experiment with this style. Additional Tips: Simple Hacks to Make Your Hairstyle Better. A fancy hairdo like soft curls or high bun with elegant accessories complements a designer saree.

Even a simple fish braid or a messy bun look elegant and fashionable. Investing in good hair products and complementing a saree with a perfect hairstyle is very important.

Adding long matching earrings look stunning during special events. For a perfect South Indian look, traditional gold jewellery completes the attire. Use the right hair products in amiable quantities to set them in place.

Depending upon what you are wearing and what you would like to flaunt you could come up with your own hairstyles on sarees to make them seem as appealing as possible. A saree can be donned in many styles but the best suitable pair to complete the look is a perfect hairstyle. There are many hairstyles for sarees that give the attire an elegance and modern finish.

A perfect hairstyle for the right saree can also be fancied with accessories as simple as a slide pin or a brooch for a fancier look. Ans: Yes, using good styling gels and slide pins will help create and maintain a bun,. Then start pulling the hair towards the bun to make a ponytail. Place slide pins wherever required to keep hair intact. Place a ready-made bun of your choice on the ponytail and start adding bobby pins.

Modern Hairstyles For Traditional Saree Look

Modern Hairstyles For Traditional Saree Look

The Millennial Saree. Half Twisted Messy Knot.

Low Knotted Bun. Can you create a hairstyle without heat? Are these styles time-consuming?

The Millennial Saree 2. Gone are the days of aor a mogra added bun, the millennials are bringing in the fun to complement their saree looks!One of the best and unique ways of experimenting with your style is through your hair.

Regardless of your length, a perfect hairstyle and elevate your look in no time. You can leave a few strands of your hair in the front to frame your face.Then, divide the selected top section into two and tight a messy knot.

Elegant and easy to try, this hairstyle is not only long-lasting and secure but can also withstand a last-minute weather change.Prep your hair with a heat-resistant spray and straighten your hair. Secure it with bobby pins and hair spray.To add more softness, you can take a few strands of hair around your face and create a breezy wave with the straightener.

If you love flower embellishments and let your hair down now and then, this is a style you must try.Prep your locks with a sea salt hair spray which will let your curls stay on for longer. This will give you a tighter curl which will last longer.Image: Instagram With a much neater andto the messy half knot, this look is an elegant turn to the rounded knot.

Then take your hair behind and tie it in a low pony.Once your pony is secured, take the rest of your pony and twist it around your hair tie. You can tug on the braid to make it look fuller and wider.Leave your bangs and baby hair natural waves as it will bring in more dimension to your face.Image: Instagram.

A dual bun will create a fun twist to the regular style that can go well with any traditional outfit.Prep your hair with a styling mousse to give you a sleek look. Some hairstyles require your hair to be in its natural state to bring in some ease and messiness.

10 Hair Buns For Short Hair With Styling Tips

10 Hair Buns For Short Hair With Styling Tips

Just about any style can be pulled off by women with short hair too, including buns. But, with a good volumizing product and a little bit of teasing, you can create magic!

[ Read: Bun Hairstyles For Long Hair ]. Apply a volumizing product of your choice to damp hair, concentrating at the roots.

Spray a heat protectant spray and blow dry, using a low heat setting. Pull as much of your hair as you can into a low ponytail at the nape, and tie with a hair tie. Divide the ponytail into three sections and tease to add volume to each.

Take a section, wrap it around the base of the pony and keep it in place with the help of bobby pins. Spray a strong-hold hairspray on a hair brush and brush through to avoid wayward strands. Use a medium to strong-hold hairspray to set your hair and keep your bun from falling apart. Apply a texturizing spray to your hair and scrunch gently. Run your fingers through your hair to comb and pull as much of it as you can into a ponytail at the crown. Divide the ponytail into two sections, and, using a teasing comb, add volume to them.

Wrap one section around the base of the ponytail, and secure it in place with the help of bobby pins. Start by applying a volumizing product to your hair. Secure with a hair tie, and use bobby pins around the ponytail to keep the shorter strands in place.

Messy Side Bun With A Headband. [ Read: Messy Bun Hairstyles ].

Starting at the bigger part, curl your hair away from your face using a medium barrel curler. Gently brush through each curled section, to make it a little less structured. Gather all the strands from the middle section to the side of the larger part, and twist it into a low bun. Start braiding the hair from the smaller part, incorporating strands as you move along.

Pull back the hair from the bigger part, wrap it around the base of the bun and pin it in place. This hairstyle works well for those with an oval or a heart-shaped face.

Elegant Side Braided Bun. It might be hard to believe but this sleek hairdo requires no heat and minimal products. Part your hair to one side, and apply a texturizing mousse to it. As you get to the side of the larger part, slip strands from the top into the braid as well.

Spray the braid with hairspray to keep the shorter strands from slipping out. Roll the braid into itself to make a bun and secure with bobby pins. This hairstyle works best on those who have a long face. Apply a volumizing product to your hair.

Spray with a heat protectant before you style. Then, using the same flat iron, style loose curls from that point onwards. Backcomb the pony with a teasing comb to add volume, and tuck the end into the elastic at the base.

For those who are fans of the messy look, here, the classic ballerina bun has been revamped to a softer, more wearable style. Start with spraying your roots with a texturizing spray.

Finger-comb your hair. Take a section, twist it gently, place the ends close to the base of the pony, and secure with bobby pins. Set the bun with a flexible-hold hairspray. Apply a volumizing product to damp hair.

Twist each section and tie with an elastic band to make a ponytail. Begin from the larger part, and curl away from your face. Secure the braid and the bun with bobby pins and set with a medium-hold hairspray. These are some of easy bun hairstyles for short hair, which are classy and practical.

Easy Bun Hairstyles- Learn How To Make Hair Bun At Home

Easy Bun Hairstyles- Learn How To Make Hair Bun At Home

From busy weekdays to party weekends, from constant heat damage to overuse of styling products, our tresses are always badgered into looking fab 24*7.

Hairstyles on sarees for party: Medium Long & Short Hair style for

Hairstyles on sarees for party: Medium Long & Short Hair style for

Going out for any event requires so much advanced planning, everything from an exquisite saree with matching blouse, comfortable shoes, makeup and jewellery, and right to that beautiful hairstyle, all have to be carefully thought about. Having the right hairstyle to match your saree is an important feature for women. Curly Hairstyles For Saree.

The next step is to simply make a ponytail and not tie it too tightly so that it is comfortable for extended wearing at long events such as receptions and weddings and maybe even a party. Light curls usually called as the beach waves consist of curls that are not so persistent are a simplified hairstyle for women with straight hair who wish to have some artificial curls placed in their hair, a few minutes with curlers and a blow-dry will help to recreate this easy look perfectly.

It is actually just an easier way to make a bun and it makes use of the humble casual braid, then carefully tie this braid up into a bun without leaving any hair loose at any place. Bun With Flowers.

Make the bun tight and high enough so that the garland of flowers can be easily placed to be displayed to the world. Bun With Accessories.

Make a high puff in the front and then the rest of the hair can be left loose regardless of whether it is curly or straight. Long Loose Straight Locks With Braid. Curls are actually a hairstyle of their own, so girls with naturally curly hair are actually lucky as it also happens to be a favorite look among fashion-conscious women these days.

Bun With Loose Curls. It includes a bun that still features some loose curls, it is basically the best of both worlds.

When you are proud of your curls and you do not want to change anything about them, go ahead and just leave your soft curls loose and we will guarantee that all the girls with straight hair will be jealous of your natural hair. Women who are not too confident about leaving their hair loose can easily opt for a tied up option like a bun.

Just make a bun by combing the hair from the sides and not the top, leave it a slight bit loose not tight. This is a fail-safe one that suits any event and clothing style, so if you have o plans in place you can easily look into this specific hairstyle, it may save your day.

Reception/Engagement Hairstyles For Saree. The hairstyle you choose depends on your face shape, hair length, long hair should usually be tied up but there are also many short hairstyles for saree.

10 Short Hair Hairstyle For Saree – Undercut Hairstyle

10 Short Hair Hairstyle For Saree – Undercut Hairstyle

Celebrity hairstylist Nikki Lee gave admirers the aboriginal attending at her accomplishment on Instagram, captioning the post: “Summer is abounding of beginning cuts and sun kissed colors! Admittedly, it’s not a huge change for the amateur and accompanist — who has been agitation a agnate breadth over the accomplished few months — but her ends attending fresher and the blush adds nice dimension.

Gavin Newsom appear that salons, gyms and calm dining in 30 counties would charge to abutting afresh as coronavirus cases surged in the state. After aperture up about her “psychologically abusive” accord with ex-husband Ryan Adams in February 2019, Moore debuted a beneath do that helped her afford both layers and negativity. Flared, achromatize albino locks were the attending du jour in 2001and Moore looked appealing aces agitation them. Fans collectively said “Aww” back the extra aggregate this ambrosial bequest of herself as a adolescent babe antic coiled locks. As a final point if you desire to gain unique and recent graphic related to (10 Short Hair Hairstyle For Saree), please follow us on google plus or save this site, we attempt our best to give you regular update with all new and fresh images. For some up-dates and recent news about (10 Short Hair Hairstyle For Saree) photos, please kindly follow us on tweets, path, Instagram and google plus, or you mark this page on book mark area, We attempt to present you up grade regularly with fresh and new pics, love your browsing, and find the perfect for you.

Simple Hair Buns For Sarees & Lehengas To Style Up Your Looks

Simple Hair Buns For Sarees & Lehengas To Style Up Your Looks

If you have medium or long hairs then two buns are always a great hairstyle option to be paired with sarees.

Juda Hairstyle For Every Woman! Stay Juda-Ready For Every

Juda Hairstyle For Every Woman! Stay Juda-Ready For Every

Juda hairstyle is a saviour on bad hair days, not just that it also doubles as a neat,clean and super chic party up-do! The classic juda hairstyle keeps you ready for casual, party and wedding occasions!

This calls for a guide that explains “how to make juda” out of your naturally beautiful mane. So get your hairstyling kits out as we explore some of our favourite juda styles for various hair types! Make a small bun at the back and let most of the volume rest on the crown.

There are uncountable options to pick from when it comes to juda styles for long hair. A typical South Indian bride would prefer her juda decorated with gajra, with a braid flowing from it. Apart from a more elaborate bridal juda hairstyle, other go-to styles include a braided bun and a low bun braided side juda hairstyle.

A gown will top it off perfectly and don’t forget those dangling earrings for extra effect. Grab a bottle of wine and step into your flip flops as we tell you how to make a simple juda hairstyle! Fun Tip: If you wish to accessorize, try adding coloured bands instead of the plain black ones. You can achieve an easy juda hairstyle by making a ponytail and then simply wrapping your hair around your fingers to form the perfect swirl.

A simple twisted top knot bun will get you through the night as it is stiff and gorgeous all the same! If you’re wondering how to make juda in short hair for party , then all you really need to do is gather all your hair in a high ponytail and just twist it, with the addition of a few pins to secure it and maintain neatness. A backless saree or a halter neck gown will do wonders for you if paired up with this hairstyle. It can all get a little hard to handle and on top of it you all gotta worry about hair and makeup.

The side updo remains a winner among all bridal juda design for women. A smooth bouffant with a side sweep is a classic yet mesmerizing style that also highlights your best facial features.

Accessorising with flowers, studs and maang tikka is a good way of getting the quintessential bridal juda hairstyle that all our Indian brides are seen wearing during their wedding festivities. Ingredients to a good juda are - right twists, a little bit of hairspray and a hell lot of Confidence!

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